Friday, January 05, 2007

[Break from mumbai blog] First Day of School!

Can I confess that I have 3 more days of Mumbai to cover- the wedding, the reception and the last day? I just have not had the time to do it as (1) kids are at the pc (2) always on the move ! (Can I put it all under one posting?? Check out the Mumbai Blogs then yah. Wish BB can teach me how to separate blog posts out so that I can have a section on Mumbai I can just click on...)

2 days ago had me and husband running around like headless chickens and me developing a deepfelt appreciation of busdrivers. Nadine, Sara, Sophia, Dahlia and Johan starts school . None of them know where their new classes are, and Dahlia starts Year 1!Cant believe that my baby Dahlia starts school more kindie....and Johan was going into kindie too. Johan kept saying he wanted to go to where Ibrahim the neighbour's son, goes. I was actually seriously considering it . But hubby said transport is going to be a problem and he does not want to bother our neighbours to send Jojo everyday.

(Pic is of kids in the car)
So - up at half past 6 - ready by quarter past 7 and my three girls (Sophia in afternoon class) got ready to go . Dropped Nadine and Sara, spent about 10 mins waiting in the car for Hubby to come back from sending Nadine and Sara to school - decided to just go and send Daya as didnt want her to be late on her first day at her school! Poor hubby, it seemed that he was JUST arriving at our car as I drove out. He walked to Daya's school (about 10 mins walk) and told me he was late because he was making sure that Sophia gets a "good seat". My husband the kiasu parent, everybody. heh heh heh.

Anyway Daya was late but so were other kids, accompanied by their (probably first time) parents. Dahlia's school is a lot nicer than Nadine's school. The teachers speak nicely and the headmistress seem very motherly. Dahlia was quiet but not upset or anything. Lucky for her there was one other girl who was at the same kindie so at least she had one familiar face. She soon got the hang of going to the canteen and even managed to catch some sleep in the classroom.

Ok- the sleeping thing happened the day before the first day actually. Hubby went off with her on a supposedly orientation day where the kids were supposed to take their test etc.

Hubby came home, 4 hours later, fuming mad and doing a very good impersonation of Victor Mildrew (his famous phrase "I dont BELIEEEEEEVE it!!" I cant remember what show allready- but it was in the UK and he was a grouchy bad tempered old man. Believe it or not this was a comedy). Hubby said all they did was queue up and pay yuran /fees. And he told me that he made his displeasure known in no uncertain terms. I'm just anxious that he will get Dahlia "blacklisted" as the one with the manic parent.

Johan also went to the kindie (dahlia's former kindie). No picture as Daddy did not take - (after I mentioned it he did take a few) . Johan cried and didn't want me to leave him. There were other kids who were also bawling their heads off. I was glad that there were a few other kids who had just started school at 5 years old. My worry was that Johan was too old to start at 5. I stayed for a bit.

Today he is also crying as he did not want to go to school. He said it was boring. Actually the school does not have many toys etc (cheap fees, though) and of course cannot compare with other more modern kindie but we like it as the teachers are warm and they genuinely like kids. There was this other one kindie we were considering but the teachers look lost themselves and not so connected to the kids.

I kinda stayed and helped out the teacher of Johan's class while she tried to restrain this one kid who was determined to run out.
In between we had coffee at Mama Nani and picked up Hubby's new IC next to Mama Nani- Mama Nani serves very authentic kopi muar and also roti arab with keema (Yum)

Then, at 12.30 we had to run back to get Daya- make sure that Daya got on the van ok- the van is a stranger and not her usual van as NO ONE wanted to send Daya home...cian. Hubby took his picture here so if you recognise him as that guy who broke into your house , FLAG IT!!!!

Then we sent Sophia. Johan was already home as he had taken the van! The van lady has been sending my kids for the past 2 years.
Afternoon rushed to visit M's dad at the hospital - I am soo sorry M and family as we did feel very very responsible for the episode M's dad had. I'm not going to elaborate here but suffice to say we are very very happy that M's dad is fine and A-OK and hope he got all the tests done.
After that went to get books , and discovered that there are so MANY workbooks around, pick up the school uniforms we sent to the tailor, go grocery shopping as so many things have run out etc etc etc.....!
What a day!


Dad of Four said...

Hey ...shouldn't be a problem sending Johan as we need to drop of Ib and Umar! Transport back should be no prob as well.....If u change ur mind let us know!

The Superwomanwannabe said...

U sure? Im tempted lah since he does not like the school AT ALL!I think I want to go see anyway.

Dad of Four said...

Yup very sure. This is Liza's handphoen no if u want to enquire 0193146881

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