Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dear Daddy (letter from Sophia)

Dear Daddy,

We have not heard from you today, and its allready 12 midnight. Mommy thinks your phone had died and you had forgotten to pack the charger. Mommy thinks you should have let her pack for you as she always does anyway. Mommy has been calling the hotel you said you were staying in. Is it true that you had to be moved Daddy? From Banthai to Karon Beach? Where is the conference anyway Daddy? Mommy said the people at the hotel were very vague about the conference. Mommy found out that your tour group had not checked in yet at 11.35 p.m..Don't you think that mommy will make a very good private investigator?

We wonder what you are doing now. Did you have a good dinner Daddy? Is the hotel nice? The hotel looks really nice from the internet.

Anyway we had a good time today. Mommy rocks! (ok mommy said that) We went to Atok Atikah in the morning for Nadya's aqiqah and cukur jambul. We forgot to wake up in time to visit Sara in the Dataran Merdeka. Mommy remembered but did not wake us up early enough. Hope Sara had a good time at the Dataran Merdeka!

At Atok Atikah's place, we played with Camillia and her sisters. We invited her and her mom to come with us to Berj*aya Tim*es Squ*are as there was the Cheetah Mobile. The Cheetah Mobile was big!!!!!! It look pretty! (Mommy: It was a portacabin which the outside can see in, and there are three sections to it, on the left is a recording studio, middle was an accessory place and the right was a place to pose against- we registered the kids, Zu and I and then we waited in line to get to the truck)

We had to wait in line for so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Camillia's group number was 131. Our group number was 132. Kak Aminah was there too.While waiting in line - it was sooooo boring- there was this girl that asked us questions with the microphone. She asked ME a question. She asked Sara something earlier and Sara got a CD of the songs in Che*etah Girls! Then she asked ME! She asked me if I knew ALL of the poses. I did my own pose and it was lovely! I won a CD of the songs too! Mommy gave one CD to Camelia. Nadine, Dahlia, and even Camillia and her sisters won prizes!!!! She also asked other girls to come on the stage where they have to sing or walk like models .Dahlia was asked to say "Cheetahliscious!" and she got a prize.

When it was our turn, we went into the mobile. We had to wear some clothes , cheetah fashion, and take pictures, then sing! (Mommy: In the recording studio the girls sang the words to the first song in Cheetah Girls, which was going to be turned into a cd with their pictures on it)

We also had goodie bags! In the bags, we got our CD, Our prize and a "Cheetah Girls" purse. My friend was there with her sisters. (Mommy: this friend was an annoying brat who followed the girl with the mic and kept nagging her for more presents despite winning twice allready. I tell you some kids are really KIASU!) .

While waiting for our CD to be ready, we went to Borders. It's a book shop and we bought books. My book is called "R*ainbow magic. H*eather the v*iolet fairy. By: Da*isy Me*adows", Tina's book is called "Barbie and the 12 dancing princesses", Nadine and Sara had a cookbook, Dahlia had a rhyming book by Dr Seuss and Johan had a CD.

Mommy treated us to McDon*alds after that. She didn't get me my apple pie though but that's ok.

Ok Daddy. Please call us tomorrow. We wish you can come home soon. Sunday not Monday ok daddy?

Sophia (with a bit of help from Mommy)

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nadine said...

yup. we had 2 wait 4 an hour. but it was okay. as for the prizes, i got a giant paperclip

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