Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Funny Calls

Been receiving funny as in strange calls as in bizzare (to me lar) .

First, from this woman from the United Nations Human Centre for Refugees. Wanting to know whether I would be interested to work with them. Based on the CV I sent them like 3 years ago. When I was full of dreams of making a difference in the world. And when I hated the corporate world slightly more than I do now heh heh heh. Gaji more than what I used to make but less than what I am making now. Not that salary is what you think of when you join the UN (although I thought it's in USD? :-)) .

I declined , you! I discussed with hubby and he said - you nak ke kerja dengan refugees? You will be dealing with cambodians and vietnamese and laotian refugees -laratke? Yeah yeah but at least you feel you are helping humanity... Tak taulah..will the job load be heavy? I read the specs- needing to interview people about their life, able to deal with vulnerable and traumatised people, write reports - MY FORTE Helloooo!!! Interview people?? Be nosy and get PAID for it?? hee hee hee...sounds so made for me...BUT .... I told them maybe later..when interest will come first before making a living....right between managing the fabric shops, translating and writing scripts for tv har har har..oh yeah did i mention tutor the kids, learn french mandarin and arabic (and korean if I can get away with it) as well as learning to swim, horseride and scuba dive?? Hee hee- check this space- I probably would still be saying the same thing when I'm 80 hee hee.

Second call was from a friend asking if I know T.M. Waaakaka have not heard this name for ages! Masa 5 years old we were "bofren gerfren" ..yes 5. years old. Johan's age. Anyhoot found out this guy is now a doctor- probably a consultant, single and looking for lurve. Only thing is he sounds like he has grown up to be a swinger! Oooo-er I don't think I will be recommending him to any of my pals,thanks, although I'm sure he still is the nice,sweet guy he was supposed to be years back. . Funny how the world is really small.

Met up with Uncle T and Auntie M, former dentist of mine and also army buddies of my parents...they do not seem to age at all except Auntie M who is suffering from the big C - is a lot thinner. Can't believe that when we last saw them, Nadine was 2.

Ok ok back to work now..


Dad of Four said...

My fren's hubby works at UNHCR KL office at the moment - sub someone who's on maternity. If you r looking for some adventure it's THE job (pay in USD some more!). He was on leave when the murder of the officers at the East Timor office..... On the upside, he got to meet Angelina Jolie when he was posted to Sierra Leonne a couple of years back. I think they r moving to Sri Lanka end of year....and their first baby is on the way. (His previous postings...HK, China & Iran)

The Superwomanwannabe said...

that sounds so lovely but mom of 5 can do that keeee??? The offer is in RM though.

Fulltime Mom said...

It pays in RM in the beginning, but after get posting, and then if u come back to KL, pay is USD, so I heard.

Why mom of 5 cannot go, take the kids lah, it's good for them to experience different countries. As for the husband, I'm sure he'll be welcomed in any country.

The Superwomanwannabe said...

hey fulltime mom - have to rediscuss with him lar. How are you

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