Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Pet Hates include.....

1. People who litter while walking or even worse, while driving. What , do they think that the rubbish evaporates into thin air or WHAT

2. Telesales people- as in CELCOM who told me that if I want my line reconnected I have to pay the bill, which will be issued in about 8 days time. Eh?? Policy schmolicy I tell you.

3. People who cut queues- what is their problem?? Can't they see that there are other people in line - do they think we are standing for the love of it? Hmmm

4. People who keep you waiting. (unless, as my friend says, this person is a doctor, in which case it should be my Pleasure and honour to wait for him hee hee)

5. People who knock Malaysia to other nationalities- while not advocating blind loyalty- we really are not that bad! And as I was telling Nadine this morning, just because you are right when you say your sister is not telling the truth when she told the neighbour that she did something good does not mean you have to instantly correct her in front of the neighbour- I don't want her to lie, I just want her to understand that sometimes keeping mum is the better solution if the alternative is going to embarrass your own sibling....(and make your mom looks bad..:-))

6. Cashiers who won't return the one sen /one penny...but will not let you finish your sales transaction if you happen to not have that one penny. This very famous hot dog place at one branch used to do it a lot.

I am really grouchy today aren't I.


Fulltime Mom said...

wah... my friend very the grumpy today. anyway, to get your phone unblocked just pay the outstanding to just before you limitlah, then can use again. then whne get the bill, only check, and if correct, pay the balance.

The Superwomanwannabe said...

heh heh , thanks May - now need to have more jobs to pay for that bill!

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