Thursday, January 18, 2007


Yesterday we had our first hand experience with gasp! Prepaid.

A bit embarrassing actually..we went to the booth and said we want H*Tl*nk and that is purely because we hear their adverts on the radio every blinking morning on the way to work and other packages just did not cross our mind, really. Also it helps that M said it was the "best" prepaid out of all prepaids, and that an informal study had been done by a blogger.

Anyway there we were at the booth, and you know, it was me and hubby, both of us, I would say not uneducated lah, but totally BIUL with this prepaid thing. The sales girls and the man at the booth terlopong sebab we asked soo many questions- how does this work, how long does this last, what does "top up" mean, what happens to our "credits", what is your name and where do you live , heh heh heh. I guess they were not used to so many questions, either that or their normal clientele are young kids who know this stuff inside and out. I did hear some exasperated sighs from them. One of them actually sniggered at us.

So now I am a proud owner of a prepaid card. Paid RM20 for RM10 worth of airtime- that's another thing..why not RM20 for RM20? Came home and smsed people (today actually as I forgot to use it yesterday) and guess what?After all the smses- my balance is- RM4! Wah so fast ah?

..I think Ma*xis is going to LIKE me....what do you think heh heh heh.

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