Thursday, January 25, 2007

..If I were a tai-tai...

yesterday at lunch we walked thru Starhill and there were a few well dressed women lounging about having coffee and draped in designer items. Those LV bags aint from Petaling St*reet ok!

Which got us talking about what WE would do if we are tai-tais:

1. Wake up around 6 am for morning prayers. Yell at (our one out of 17 maids to prepare our rose scented bath hehheh)

2, Get in the car with driver to send kids to school (still government of course - have to have faith in own system right??)

3. After sending kids, straight to salon (do hair maaaa)

4. Then go to bookshop and sit with the other gals discussing books over coffee and croissant (must take care of brain too right)- now we'd be reading all sort of posh books by authors whose name we cannot pronounce.

5. go see hubby for lunch

6. ask driver to send us to get kids from school

7. personal trainer come in the pm, also personal religious teacher for the kids

8. do craftwork/read magazine/ write a book/ sew /take kids to the library/swimming- all for fun, mind

9.......waaaaaah sound so lovely actually although you know, I don't see any space in there for shopping. maybe btw personal trainer and dinner eh?

Sigh dream dream dream...

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