Monday, January 22, 2007

Jam in KL

Sent kids to school today! What is the big deal- cheh! (smugness!)No one was shouting, everybody got their duit belanja (is RM2 too much??) and no shoes were lost (due to me nagging the nite before)..See?? Mommy should take charge more often. AND! Everyone did their morning prayers! Hurray!

Asked Sara to ask her teachers if she can change her "House" from blue, to red, so that she can train on the same day as Nadine. Ie., so that the 2 of them can go together and come back together. Their "training" takes place once a week on different days, 3 hours after they leave school - so they actually have to come back, and go back again. Nadine has been catching her van on its way out to send the kids who go to afternoon school, which means she has to be in school by half past 2 and wait until 4. Sigh...if only I can get a driver.

Am thinking more and more of asking the Big Boss if can work from home, or at least come in the mornings only, at least on those sports day. After all, it's not like I am less distracted in the office- where do you think I am blogging from after all? Heh heh heh...kantoi!!!

Talking about kantoi- did you catch ER*A this morning??Hee heee hee...Saiful Apek was so funneee..he recommended that we greet the tourists very warmly and try to help them whatever they ask. If they speak in English, and we don't understand, he suggested that we say "Yes". as in

Tourist: "Do you know where I can catch the bus to so and so?"
Us: "Yes." .

.and if the questions get more complicated, we should say whatever English phrase we are familiar with , such as:

Tourist: "Where is the administration building of TDC?"
Us: "Er ..No Smoking!"

Har har har! If you saw a woman-driver grinning stupidly in her car, that would be me. Unless you caught me at the time I discovered that I could not turn right into the UThant area because unannounced, a big burly cop stood in front of the turning (my favourite short cut) and forcing me to again weave into the main traffic....while cursing the lack of sign posts earlier....!

But generally. I would be grinning.

Ok, break over!

(Lunch was Bangkok Jazz- eh sedap lah and tak mahal sangat lah- under RM20)

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Dad of Four said...

Been to B Jazz...yup not too pricey and food's good. Did you know that they operate other restaurants under different names? Must be about more than 1/2 a dozen of them in KL.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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