Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Kids....walk down memory lane.[1]

I thought when they said seven working days they actually meant it. But it seems that they suddenly want it tomorrow morning, so here I am.. just finished it. Its 4 am. I'm going to go to bed.

Oh yes dad is back (striding into my office just now with his colourful phuket hat and big bag- my big boss must have thought waaah this girl no need job or what so daring to bring hubby over into office? heeh hee) , with suitable choccies for kids and tales of not eating chicken and meat (for fear of being non halal) for the past 3 days and brushing teeth with mineral water and swearing he'd never leave us again - yeah yeah that's what you said after your conference in Barcelona dear..heh heh heh...anyway, surely Phuket cannot be that bad right. I mean I went to India and I didn't have to wash with mineral water..!

Kids happy (god they have been calling me since noon asking where exactly their father was) but surprisingly , still clustered around me until bedtime upstairs. Sara was regaling to us her tale of finding a cook book at Bord*ers with Camillia and Dahlia basically imitating a cat against her mommy. Sophia busy telling me about her book of fairy tales that she was going to bring to show her teacher. Johan was the only one downstairs boxing with Daddy. Nadine suffering from tummy pain, hubby wondering if its puberty but is shy to ask. Puberty????!!! Allready???

Hard to believe...we are parents of kids who are growing up faaaar too fast. Hey Nadine! You were the one with the umbilical hernia when you were born, your belly button was so far out and the docs said you had to be operated on if it does not resolve within 2 years or something. I was a stay at home mom for your early life... How creative I was with my explanations about the world then- I told you that thunder was the clouds coughing and rain is when they cry, I told you that there was a fairy living in the tree behind our house then - Twinkle . When daddy sang lullabies you said "No song daddy!"heh heh heh..Now you can't stop singing! I remember you the most...You were the one we worried about if you did not know your alphabets by 2 plus ! Heh heh the curse of being the firstborn.
And Sara! The way you came out- almost on the doorsteps of the hospital..! I was so shocked I could not sleep all nite! I needed chocolate and sweet tea to revive me !:-) You were so dark when you were born you were actually gray. No kidding! You had the glue ear remember? And I thought you could not breathe cause your nose was so flat it did not look possible that you could actually breathe.! You were forever constipated !!! you had this huge gland thing on the side of your neck when you were 2! (how come I only remember those stuff) You adored Nadine. On the plus side, you loved the keyboard thingy. And you loved your Uncle Bad.
You both got all the UK thingy that would require a mini mortgage over here now, like Tum*bleTots, GYm*boree etc etc. Mothe*rcare? Tsk- normal lah. Heheheh..Now..Jaya jus*co is good enuff for me.)

Sophia..you were soo cute and fair when born (no name for a week as we thought u were a boy!)- 6 months into your life you had to be uprooted and taken home...you quickly became the apple of your grandparents' eye until now! You scared the heck out of us when you were 2 plus as you did not interact with anyone- you only spouted B*arney songs and words you hear from cartoons! My fault- I finally went to work (why again?)and was so worried abt you being upset that I fed you with R*chard S*carry, Sesame Str*eet and Ba*rney..too much input but no output! We thought you could be autistic and started to look for the appropriate resources until we all left for Au*stralia and you had both your parents' full attention for a whole six months and by the time we came back , with God's help and grace, you were ok and chattering away until today! And now you can tell me that you HAVE to have the party at Mc Don*ald as you have told all your friends. The party you are throwing for yourself in March. Heeeheee. You are the most like your mom in what you suffer from (itchy eyes) , what you don't like (any form of physical exercise whatsoever) and what you do like (drawing girls and other girly stuff- although I was not that girly though- I was often the goalie for the local footie team when I was 5!) . Sophia, you are NOT fat.

Dahlia ..born in the new millenium...surprise baby (but weren't they all?) ..very stroppy toddler..! She was the one you would not mess about hee hee. She was also the fattest when born. Fair with slightly slanted eyes. Believe it or not. Spoke the earliest - very clear single words at the age of one plus. Always curious too- remember the pearl in nose incident?? Also so brave- when suspected got dengue , she did not cry when the drip was put in her. (it was not dengue thank goodness) .

Johan...was very difficult to wean off mother's milk. He would not take the bottle at all! The weekend before he arrived I moved house ! And he had to be fed with a spoon he would just NOT take the bottle no matter what teat he was given! Broke his arm , for the first time one of my kids broke something..! And ate macaroni bits and rice bits at age 8 months- they CAN lah...no need porridge all the time.

Sigh...I have forgotten a lot , a LOT of their growing up years esp Dahlia and Sophia as they are the closest in age.I wish I had recorded what they read, what they liked to eat, etc etc....Once back in KL, I went to work and against my wishes, took a helper...so the mother child bond is - with modifications now. Is it worth it, to lose these memories?? Can I borrow your memory? What do you remember?
(where it all began..........)


Fulltime Mom said...

i have so many (non) memories. I should have scrapped book their growing up years. I do photo books of them now - together for each year we go through. I want to try and remember their younger years the best that I can.

Dad of Four said...

It's weird how you have gazillions of pics of your first born and almost zilch for the subsequent? Poor Ib - he was asking for his the other day and only managed to show him an album or two. Worst still now with digi cam....!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...