Saturday, January 20, 2007

Malaysia Boleh! in Malaysia boleh start a landmark case against Bloggers . I supposed everyone has heard about the NS*T's case against certain bloggers with wellknown sites. Me being such a boring bimboforbrains lately with interests not venturing further than family kids and replacing old leather sofas, I have not managed to visit these sites lately. Most days I'd read my mainstream press quite happily and believe the goverment is doing a fair job . Some days - especially when there is a fiasco in local government and the head honcho displays absolute lack of shame in blaming his subordinates and showing total disregard to the principle of "the buck stops here" (hey even Garfield knows that) - I would rant and rave with the next guy.
If I want to see what the "next guy" think , there are certain sites to go to- they act as an alternative newsline, giving you another, sometimes more detailed, sometimes cynic, sometimes refreshing, sometimes so sarcarstic you'd think they were aliens gracing Malaysia who should be grateful for their patronage, view on certain things the world and this country and what its politicians are up to.
You do not need a phD to realise that these are no what-I- did-today or look-at-my-kids kind of blog. A lot of people out there with points to put forward and knives to sharpen you know.
Sometimes I agree with them, sometimes I don't. So now Nestum is suing. Full details I have not read yet. But the suit is against 3 individuals. Call a spade a spade, and they sue you. What can you do. Hence the button here. Never fear, bloggers unite. I put it on as I agree that , although should be carefully and responsibly used, the right to free speech is and should be sacrosanct. As should be the right to free lawyer when you get sued. Hee hee !

Ah..freedom of speech. Sometimes, it allows Ahmad Arumugam and AhChong to express their fedup-ness with the bullying tactics of the authorities. Sometimes its allows us to highlight to the local public the big con that their local councils are pulling re: signboards, deforestations and come ON, theme park without permits now?? What the FUDGE?? (or what the Phuket?) Hee hee.
However, freedom of speech may allow authors of foul and insensitive and plain rude writing,to escape accountability..Not just authors..also cartoonists who cannot draw but want to draw Prophet Muhammad PBUH (they were offensive in that they were total and utter cra*p!)
My views remain the same as at the time of those cartoons. (No, not Cow and Chicken cartoon , which I still hate with a vengeance)- freedom of speech has got to be used with a huge dose of tact and responsibility. Alaaaahh use common sense lar.....why so difficult ahh??
If your action hurt someone, are you not going to be made accountable at ALL just because of freedom of speech? If you have shamed someone or caused one person offence but you managed to get your message across, does the end justify the means then?
Notwithstanding all of the above, the right to freedom of speech, must never be taken away..hence the button. Wonder how this will turn out.

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