Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mystery Solved! (:-)

(old pic of us-we need a diet- sorry lah he went and took the camera with him so i got no new pix to post up)

hee hee heee...who feels like an idiot, raise your hand...(me basically)..Hubby called, and apparently got the name of the hotel wrong and is in an entirely different hotel. and has been since day all my PI efforts wasted! Oh well...anyways glad to hear his voice, mostly due to my need to talk to whoever who'd listen and him being the poor bloke who married me (and therefore, the obvious choice), we've never actually gone more than er..a day? of not talking ,be it by phone or face to face, so the silence all of yesterday and most of today was rather significant lah. Is this a bad thing..?

Ok ok now you really know what a weirdo I am...heeh hee. However! Before you throw up , let me say that our conversations are not the type where you whisper sweet nothings or say "you hang up," "no YOU", "No, you hang up first" etc etc etc.. ! Nope, never ever had that with him! If I say "you hang up" - he would.

It's usually rather mundane -what I did, what he did, etc, and then him going "er ok lah ek? I'll call you tomorrow." When he was still in the UK and me in KL it was like that. And still like that. I guess romance comes in different shapes and form eh. He used to say "Ditto" whenever I say I lurve yoooouuse. Ditto, you.
Today has been quiet. Kids missed daddy as mummy refused to budge out of the house, and insisted that they do their bags, look at their homeworks etc which daddy would maybe "close one eye" in favour of swimming. Weather not so good anyway- very hot and then humid and then rain. Now that the kids are bigger, and they play with each other I don't feel like I'm as harrassed as I used to be anymore ...- even managed to get some kip in the afternoon! With a Hello mag that neighbour kindly lent me! Who cares about Listing requirements of the exchange when there's Shiloh Jolie Pitt to stare at heh heh heh!
Johan and Sara made houses out of blocks. Dahlia was counting her money and got upset if she had to count them again. She stacked all her coins up in neat piles. Sophia read her fairy princess book today- I'm thrilled! It had words instead of pix! Sara read about blood platelets etc in her My Body book. Wah interesting gak that book. Nadine spent her time doing her Maths book, in between playing with internet. Focus Nadine Focus! (my biggest prob is focusing). Nadine, Sophia and Sara helped Dahlia prepare her bag for tomorrow's school. Dahlia insisted on bringing all her books as she "may want to read them". No use telling her that she is not meant to bring everything.
Dijah came over with a lovely sago pudding she made..with dad's help. I put lashings of evaporated milk on it and yummmmmmmski. Tomorrow I will go on a diet of water.
[BYJ - I was watching this clip of YJ reading a paper with his pix plastered over it. He was attending something and the cameras were on him. He's sitting there and reading it . What goes thru a celebrity's mind when they read about themselves? Do they wonder- oh will this ever STOP? Or do they think- god I look so fat? Or do they think - I wish my fans would not think I'm a cutie and take me only for my work? Oh well, in YJ's case I guess he's used to it. And I'm sure, with his successful restaurants behind him, he's a shrewd enough businessman to make the most of his not inconsiderable good looks .. I have a feeling though that if ever his looks goes and he succumbs to the paunch that most men get...(can't imagine that!) - he would still be followed everywhere he goes! ]
Why am I so free to write and why can't I comment on intelligent things....say the frequency of earthquakes and natural disasters lately??? Read that earthquake measuring 7.2 occured near Sabah. Hope there won't be another tsunami. Do we need anymore newsflash from God that we need to take better care of Mother earth? Haha- talking about that, you got to love the Brits- read that the Prince of Wales has to reduce his number of flights and produce a carbon usage record or something. The Brits really hold their celebrities and royalties to account. Over here you can be shamed to death but the next day you are back at work no problem.
Maybe I'm not challenged enough. This year I will go and seek other challenges. Enter kids for more events. There are free acting classes offered by FINAS. Maybe I'll get them into that. I have not been reading lately...any good books to recommend?? I finally read to Johan the illustrated "I love to have a bath" book where a little boy steps into a bath tub and later joined by among others, a whale, a hippo and a seal! I was reading this to Johan and he sat still for it- although I had to zip fastforward thru some paragraphs.

I used to have my nose in a book ALL the time. It'll be nice if the kids cultivate the love for reading too.
Oh yes, I did bring back some work to here I go!


Dad of Four said...

Correction- sago was with the help of mummy dearest... The one which Ib, Umar, Khadijah and I made(banana danish pastry thing) didn't make it through the front door unfortunately coz the brood wallopped it within secs. Next time, may be! LOL

The Superwomanwannabe said...

wow...shhh dont tell my kids or else they'd be asking us to cook with them! Anyway thanks it was delishhhh..!

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