Sunday, January 28, 2007

Our version of a bbq...

Yesterday we had some guests over.
Remember 6 months ago this Uncle died of 60 percent burns from minyak goreng pisang? He has 4 grown up sons- 2 of them and family are actually living quite close by so I had called them over ages ago. Actually they are ranked as my "nephews" so they took great pleasure in calling me auntie- these big strapping lads. Also invited my nearby uncle and my parents too who have not seen these boys for a long time(and was bestfriends with the late father) -although my parents were the very last to arrive.

This was also a good op to invite my NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR who, the last time they stepped into the house, it was probably before EID , of Last year. Heh heh heh..betul tak? (Though I hope they did not feel neglected- sorry ah).

Sigh..if any of our old friends (and DadofFour probably) can testify we did the dinner in typical "us" fashion, ie LAST MINUTE.

Half formed idea of having a small barby but no set. So, after dad came back from the hospital, set off at about 2 pm. To shop for the barbecue and er.the food. We saw a barbie for RM200 (good value) and a grill for satay for RM20 (even better value). No prizes for guessing which one we cheapskates got heh heh heh. Also managed to get the chicken coop wire to put on top of the satay grill.
Went shopping for barby stuff at GR*EAT E*ASTE*RN MALL. the best mall ever. Quiet and not crowded! Realised that we have probably spent 50% more on tomatoes etc than we would have had we gone to the local G*iant but hey what the heck hee hee hee. Too lazy to go anywhere.

In typical malaysian fashion, came home at 5, marinated at 6, borrowed neighbour's oven to half bake the meat by half seven, dad came home with Dahlia (from dentist- wobbly tooth)by 8, started the barbie at half eight, guests came at 9, there you have it. Last minute .Neighbour,thanks for your oven, and also the banana and why you left so early lar.

But. It was nice catching up. Now, lazying around to wait for dad. Another busy day ahead later.....


Dad of Four said...

Umar was too sleepy and had to pat him to sleep...No prize for guessing, I slept first, then him!

Come to think of it, isnt it easier if i had gone to your place and told you of the above (as opposed to :- take five minutes to log on to the computer, read your posting and post a comment? At least a get a cuppa! - What a funny world! LOL

The Superwomanwannabe said...

hee hee- know what you mean- but nice to get comments so thanks- and btw thanks for the pizza too- buat sendiri ke? (oh dont answer that I will check the blog hee hee)

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