Friday, January 19, 2007

Phuk- Et!

This is where my husband and three colleagues are heading tomorrow(today actually)...for Friday. Saturday. and Sunday. A conference, they say. No, I'm not coming along. No wives allowed. Four guys going to Southern Thailand without wives...? Hmm....If I did not know what an angel my husband is I'd be nagging him on a daily basis to take me..

Ok confession - I have been nagging him on a daily basis to take me ! Heh heh heh! A chance to spend the weekend away? Stay in a posh hotel? Why not eh? And do I trust him? Oh pul-leez what has trust got to do with paper dolls, exotic shows etc which, if I were the organiser of the trip and I've got men on my hands , is exactly what I would take them to see. (not suggesting this to hubby at ALL though). I want to come I want to come I want to come hee hee hee.

..His excuse- None of the other men are bringing their partners (despite one of them actually having his anniversary this weekend- are you MAD man!). I have a feeling these 4 blokes are all telling their wives how they wish they could take them but no one else is bringing their wives. Sometimes our men can be such plonkers.

Ok Im a moaning minnie right? The sane part of me would not go anyway if he is uncomfortable with the idea, and I've been to Phuket before after all (also some conference- preggers with Johan at the time). The other part of me (you know, the part where Im a female?)- Sometimes all a girl want is to be asked to come along ...heh?

(this is what he says he'll be doing- conference)

BUT! This weekend chockafull of plans- hubby or not. Nadya is having aqiqah on Saturday and in the afternoon I have got to take them to Berjaya times square to see Cheetah Girls something or other . I did say that your daddy won't be around lah to take us and they started talking about hiring a CAB so I think I'd better drive them..heh heh heh. Then they have gone and planned nites away with their grandparents so I had better tag along.

Hubby has no idea when his flight is going to be. So casual he is. I checked out the websites of the airlines and have some clue of when he is scheduled to go. If I was still the mad impulsive person of years ago I would jump on the plane and surprise him on Saturday,you know. I'd do that. I love gestures like that. I think they are romaaaaaaantic...My friend had 4 dozen roses delivered to her by her husband on her anniversary and I love that!
Problem is all those gestures have been coming from me hee hee. He's completely not like that- not impulsive and not into big gestures ...he's totally ok with being away from us or each other and completely not into formal long teary goodbyes etc etc. After all not like he is not coming back right (insyallah) . But his wife- total mush. One time he had a locum weekend away from us. I was preggers with Sophia, and had 2 toddlers with me. I could not stay away for the entire weekend so I took a cab with everyone and a TV to see him. We slept on the floor of his (single) hospital room. I took along the TV guys. Me waddling, 2 kids in tow, a bag and a tv. He was only gone for the weekend! He could not believe what a mad woman he had married . Why did I do that , upon reflection? Simple ..Mush!.:-)
Hmm...shall I still book that secret flight to Phuket?? No wonder he is vague about his travel plans har har har....
Hope you'll be safe dear! Hope you get back safely and soon!


bj said...


I think this hubby-going-to-Phuket-without-you thingy is driving you nuts, haa? Just let him go lah... he'll love you more for that!

I could see that he was feeling rather "uncomfortable" that night when we talked about it. Kesian dia... it's not that he doesn't want to take you, it's just that circumstances don't allow him to do that.

And no, please don't book that secret flight out! Save your money to buy something nice for yourself this weekend. A new pair of shoes, perhaps? Or handbag?? Hmm... lovely! Isetan ada sale lah! Hee.. hee..

And if you really can't get this thing off your head, call me. We can go out, or you can come over to my place. Deal?

The Superwomanwannabe said...

Hahaha...thanks yeah you know I'm fine with him going but just not happy unless can moan about it I think-he's left btw. Want to go for drinks? :-)

The Superwomanwannabe said...

Hahaha...thanks yeah you know I'm fine with him going but just not happy unless can moan about it I think-he's left btw. Want to go for drinks? :-)

The Superwomanwannabe said...

eh eh left 2 comments sorry

Fulltime Mom said...

hi bj!

supermom - i agree with bj lah.... aiyahhhh.... please let him go...

i can't take you out for drinks tmrw night though, got tahlil to attend, but will i c u & the gang at dataran in the morning? there are 2 sessions - 8.00 & 9.30. but the pink princess will be there till 12 noon.

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