Saturday, January 27, 2007


The other day, we got Po*ly Poc*ket dvd to watch on the way back from Kluang. There were other cds too and we had gotten thru most of them and now the kids were discussing what they wanted to watch. When it was time for Johan to say what HE liked he said "I wanna watch Poll*ly Poc*ket".

Immediate teasing from the sisters! Sophia said "Johan you ARE pondan"

Which woke ME up. Mana belajar ni? Pondan means sissy I guess and pondans are also called "mak nyah" referring to transvertites. Johan is being called a pondan as he likes to watch a girly dvd. I don't want my kids to stereotype at this age~! So I said girls can do what guys can and guys can do some of what girls can do.

Dad can't contribute as he was busy laughing.

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Channel 11.5 said...

hehehehe, kelakar la bebudak ni. hugs & kisses from aunty aida

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