Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sara the Loner or the Lonely

Am in a dilemma- (maybe should call ERA radio about it - they do dilemmas every wednesday morning). Not so much a dilemma but worry lah.

I was chatting with Sara our second born tonite. Before they go to sleep I always interview them about their day. It's compulsory with their goodnite kiss. (Sophia's case- goodnite slobber) -Anyway Sara has been recessing alone every day this year. Her friends all have "recess buddies". I asked her why she did not join the others? She said that so and so likes to recess far from class (I guess she means they like to eat or walk on other parts of the school's rather big compound) and she did not want to walk so far.

I asked her whether she minded. She said no. I asked what she does when she's alone. She said she eats and then just sits waiting for the bell to ring. And she is not alone she is with her shadow.

On the one hand I am concerned that she has issues with making friends, on the other hand, I guess it's good that she can be alone. I for one prefer to have companion. Maybe she takes after her father who is just telling me now that he has lunch on his own every day and he prefers it that way some days. She tells me she sits next to the wall and one girl who does not talk to her. She tells me there are this couple of girls who whisper about her when she hums as she work. Or that so and so thinks she is weird because she speaks English or not covering her hair or because she wears pinafores rather than the traditional Baju kurung which she said all in her class wear.

She tells me Camelia her cousin is her best friend and Yana her other cousin is her second best friend. Disturbing that her friends list does not include her friends at school. When I suggested that she moves to Dahlia's school she was adamant not to and said she likes this school.

How? I'm just over-reacting right. She seems happy enough, should just leave her alone.

Sophia on the other hand, has friends. But today pun she reported she went alone.

Maybe it's normal?

It's not easy being in school eh.

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dijah said...

well,Sara's not the only one.
I also go to recess alone.
well,I'm a loner at school.

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