Friday, January 19, 2007

Scenes at Breakfast on a schoolday

Pagi pagi masuk kerja je..dah kena "basuh" dengan client. Yang tak berasaslak tu. I feel compelled to defend my position and I think my refusal to completely submit to them pissed them off somewhat. Next time I will just say "yes ma'm" , perhaps that way will make this particular person feel superior ...

Anyway as the headache is slowly coming back...I will focus on something my lunchdate with my friend at Etoile Equatorial. This being the 19 of January I will probablyhave soup! Hee hee hee. Another 23 mins to go..yes I am taking work time to blog people shh.

We left the house rather early today. Kids are sooo chaotic in the morning. Nadine has become the new seargent -

*.....Dahlia have you eaten breakfast EAT BREAKFAST DAHLIA-
*.....Daaaaaaaadddy its seven ten!!! Come on come ON!!!
*........And where is the hairtie? Lost AGAIN??? How many times must I buy the hair tie??
*.........Daddddyyyyy what are you doing upstairs laaaa??? Hurry hurry hurry! Can you put your shoes on IN THE CAR????
*........Mummy teacher wants you to sign the telecommunication book. What? Now? Why didn't you tell me yesterday?
*Daddy you forgot to give me money yesterday....!

But when its time to go, everyone would only start putting their shoes, Dahlia will discover that one shoe is missing and actually is residing next to the flower pot, and Sara will forget stuff. Yesterday had to go back to her school as she forgot her pencil box. How did she do that as I had put it on top of her bag?? lose erasers, pencils, rulers, scissors, so regularly that we bulk buy..

ta !!


Dad of Four said...

And I thought this only happens in our home......!

dijah said...

I heard what happened this morning..
we're like that at home!always!!
by the way,tell Nadine I'll probabbly come over this Sunday or next week[thats if I'm not busy!]

The Superwomanwannabe said...

dad of four-it's chaotic but its fun- how are you doing lah? Have not been able to chat!

Dijah...yah come over lah ok!

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