Shotlike sounds from Next Door

Hubby is on the line with the local cops. It's 2 am, and we just heard 6 loud shot-like sounds. At least we think it was shot-like sounds. Hubby is asking the cops to come and check what the sounds are. He is telling them that it may come from next door's house. A cop's son lives next door. Or it could come from houses higher up the street. I did check the back and front (timidly from the windows) and heard and saw nothing.
Oh this going to have what they call, "repercussions"?? Are we snitching on our neighbours? should we mind our own business? What if it were innocent sounds (but so LOUD?) - if it was shots in a criminal setting wouldn't there be er..screams? (been watching too many tvshows)? I confess that I did say "never mindlah" to him and I was worried that our neighbours may get annoyed if they find out it was us! What a WUSS I am! Of course he should call! And who cares if the neighbours know. Whoever made the sound it is damn inconsiderate considering its 2 in the morning. Still....maybe should just kept quiet, sure it was nothing..?
What would you do????


update: 4 am . no cops knockingon door. i am not workng. I am bloghopping.
Dad of Four said…
We heard it too...But the first two shots came with an ensuing dog squeals.
Dad of Four said…
Dont know leh...Trying to find out from neighbours along Chai Yin's old hse.

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