Saturday, January 13, 2007

Stuff memories are made of..

Kids are so hyper these days. School must agree with them Or else its time for me to prepare to send them to art and drama school . Today they were playacting that they are an Indian Family. Don't ask me why or how it got started, I only realised when I looked up from dinner and saw Sara in my pashmina telling Johan in a fake Indian accent to go do something (Johan was her "son"). Nadine corrected Sara's accent as she remembers it from her trip to India. Interesting that she chose to say "Eat some more, yaa" when she was doing it. She must have remembered N's mom telling us to eat ! :-)

Pic is of them playing at Auntie Rokiah and Uncle F's house over the raya haji.

Hubby told me that while I was up praying they were pretending to ride on a bus. They sat on my backless couch in a row with Nadine at the front with the hulahoop as the wheel. He told me this just now and I said, I want them all together with me and with each other for as long as possible that's why I am not too keen on the boarding school idea. He agreed with me! Yay!

I don't suppose Nadine will want to join in the fun soon, teenage years approaching and all. We now have to prepare to look for teen undergarment (!) . At the moment though she is having as much fun as the rest.

At the moment also, mummy's word is law. Just now they were sitting on the trampolene just 6 inches from the telly and I said sit further away - as they did not move I asked Nadine to pull the trampolene further to the back. Nadine relished being able to boss her sisters about and said "Mummy's orders!" when they started to moan..! Hee hee. I love this time! Soon enough they will think that their parents know nothing etc. I hope we all get along and stay close forever. You can have money and you can have material wealth but lets hope we can also have the family closeness and bonding.

Anyways they slept early today- nagged them effectively. Nadine is my classmonito, who will repeat what I say, as in : " Go have a BATH, Dahlia! Mummy said!"

Dahlia fell in school today. Although the plaster looks small, she must have been in enough pain to warrant the teacher telling her that she need not have any homework and she could go to sleep. I will peek under the plaster soon.

Johan sang to us just now. "I'm a little teapot" and "You are my sunshine"- Dahlia wanted to sing too as these are songs from her old kindie (and Johan's new one). Plans to send to the other one with Ib and Umar ? We will go and see tomorrow or Sunday but now thinking maybe should just leave him there as he appears to have settled. He told me that he has a friend who "also speaks English". I have to remember to "melayunise" him in terms of speaking BM.

(Pic is of the kids with Ustaz- dahlia not in picture as she merajuk and was sulking upstairs )The Ustaz is no longer teaching them..his luck changed for the better and we are all glad for him. Kids will miss him though. He has invited all of us to stay at his village in Kedah sometime in June. Are you sure your village can cope heh heh heh! Good luck Ustaz.

Need to go off to sleep soon. Besok meeting 3 ppl from new office who have left the firm for a round of singing. Hubby planning to go watch CICAKMAN with the kids. Without ME???
BTW B and N, it was great catching up with you- 2 hours not enough. Pity CoffeeB*n kicked us out. hee hee. You look good.

See you soon.

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