Friday, January 26, 2007


Today am going to read:


(This is a Turkish Author who has just received a death threat by the guy who incited the murder of another renowned turkish writer. So renowned that I won't bother putting his name here heh heh)

Today I also:

Called up Alliance Francais to register kids into frenchie lesson thingy.

Also I discovered: Loads of doctors who blog. I note though that most of them are NOT surgeons except for one retired surgeons. Moral of the story- Anaesthetists have too much free time . Hee hee hee jangan marraaaaaahhhh.

And I also:

checked some more sofas at CAVE*NZI- aiyaaah nothing i like lar.(who has the free time now eh)

And AlSO!! I went with a friend and we valet park at KL Pla*za - har har har..what is so funny is that this is a stone's throw away from the office. We actually drove out, went to the furniture place behind the office, drove into KL Pl*aza and then valet park. I always thought valet parking was very for the tai- tai..

Guess Im moving on heh heh heh!!


dijah said...

valet parking?
u really have taste!
once in a while ok-la kan?

DocYana said...

I totally agree with you. From all the blogs by doctors that I read, the most are by anaesthetists! Seriously, is there something I should know??? *lol*

The Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Dijah!

Yeah it was fun once in a while- esp fun if you are not paying hee hee hee

The Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Docyana!
Thanks for dropping by- errr..not an anaes yourself are you he he ..they do a wonderful job WONDERFUL job..(although, what is this my husband was telling me about them getting a day off after oncall???NO fair!)

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