Friday, January 12, 2007

Welcome Home Auntie Yot and Uncle Wahid

My mom's sister came home from the Haj the day before yesterday. We thought it'd be nice to visit her a day after , when the dust has settled down so to speak. So off we went with 4 kids to her place. Nadine opted to stay home to finish her gazillion homework. Dahlia promised that is she comes she'd sleep in the car so that she won't be sleepy for school.

Auntie Yot and Uncle were not in their house, we found out. They are camping for a while at my grandmother's place, to whom Auntie Yot is a rock. We were all worried how Opah was going to react to Auntie Yot's 45 day absence. Auntie Yot talks a lot and nags a lot but has a heart of gold.

Auntie Yot was out (buying us satay it turned out) but when she returned she shared with us the tales from Mekah. She said she was amazed and thankful to God that, as noisy and as critical as she was normally, during the times she was there she managed to keep schtum ! Boy, that was a real blessing I tell you- it's scary to be in the Holy Land as you hear so many stories about how this person or that person made a comment about something and he/she would get an instant retribution or response from God. Ie, some one would say how many flies there are in that place and soon enough he'd get a face full of flies. Eeee....And they say your true nature will be shown there so if really you are a petty person, everyone would know that you are petty.
Auntie Yot said that for her, she had a lot of encouters with elderly ladies. She had had to help a lot of old people.This was amazing seing as how she is very close to Opah. She recounted tales of having to help an old lady who did not speak a word of English and who was searching for aplace to take wudhu and was left by her son in the mosque - and for a while she thought the lady was Opah. And she said not once did she felt the need to visit gold shops - which she loves to do over here. I jokingly said thats not just due to your prayers auntie, that's due to Uncle's! Har har har. Another thing is that she did not get her "best friend" (ok ok period) for the entire time, despite not taking any medication to prevent it. Allah swt is the greatest. Auntie Yot looks happy, less stressed and is a calmer person altogether.

In which case I need to go NOW! Haji Mumbai dah buat , heh heh heh..time to go to the Holy land...but its compulsory for those who can afford it and that means no debt (save for house and car debts) and sadly I have not reached that stage yet hee hee - but maybe we can start going to the courses (hubby said just read first) and register with the appropriate authorities.

Time to do the Haj is really when you are strong. I don't know, really I feel a bit apprehensive thinking about the whole thing, I am not THAT pious to begin with. I feel I have a lot of flaws. And I never shut up. And this and that and this and a thousand reasons why I am apprehensive. And there are 20000000 ppl there - however a lot of people tell me:

1. Its not that hot
2. its not that crowded
3. they want to go again.

So we should really give it a shot, eh.

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