What makes us Tick for 13 years?? (or, "CELCOM is CRAP")

Tomorrow is our 13th anniversary! Yay! Congratulations to us..! Hope we have more anniversaries and hope they are all happy.

Amazing, two people with different characteristics can get together and live with each other for this length of time without one killing the other. I heard Dr Fadhilah Kamsah saying that men and women are made incomplete, only to be completed by the other. Awww.. (But he also said that men have 9 brains and 1 emotion and women have 1 brain and 9 emotions hence they are incomplete without the other- We have the 1 brain ?? Excuse ME??)

Hubby and I are the same in a lot of respects but we are also very very different in others!. Where I am very manja and love to rely on him he is very independent and takes pride that he has never asked me to make coffee or cook for him (why does he keep thinking that??? in our 13 years, there has , believe it or not, been occassions where he asked for meals in the middle of nite or coffee or drinks - normal lah- why lah also is this independence thing a virtue?? I totally do not see the point here...the need to be needed is normal , I would say..I am totally blaming it on the boarding school- heh heh heh)

Also, where I am more willing to let things slide, he is quite sensitive and assertive (lately even more so lah, is it the big 4-0?!) - I hate to offend and would rather turn the other cheek with friends and colleagues, unless of course the crime is really heinous!

Women tend to say "I'm fine" and "no, I'm not mad" and generally not be direct in confronting people. I for one cannot ever say "Hey what you did was out of line and it has hurt my feelings and apologise NOW, B&*t$h!!" Heh heh heh. (not immediately anyway) Instead I would swallow things and burn slowly and in the end when I finally come out with it I'd be crying, she'd be crying and everyone hugs and then we are friends again...heh heh heh...For years I have wished that God gives me a backbone for I have NONE. (hey only with friends and loved ones do I suffer this problem - if I am mad enough you will know though but most times I don't get mad enough..Please tell me I am not alone.....)

My other half on the other hand, has noooooo problem telling so and so that this is not on, this is not how he likes it, you are out of order etc etc. (good thing as he deals with lives!) Just now he was at the shop trying to get something wrapped (my anniversary present- don't ask what I was doing there) and the lady told him that wrapping something which was not bought there, will incur a charge. Never mind that we had also bought a wedding pressie for tomorrow's wedding ( yup another wedding ) and never mind that the wrapping paper and cards for my anniversary present as well as this couple's wedding present were bought from this shop, this girl would not wrap my present without a charge- hubby flipped and was very sarcarstic. He said "here's the card which I bought from here, can you wrap THAT for free??"...I totally understood where he was coming from but don't think I would be able to be so er..vocal.

Or could I?? Just now my handphone got barred. Again. Since coming back from India I received several smses that my phone has gone over the credit yardiyardiyaaaa...and so I asked hubby who has been on long leave, to please pay for me. He went to the drive through and paid RM178 which he was told was the outstanding amount. It got barred anyway and I called CELCOM and said I have paid! What the heck! About 10 mins later it was working again.

Then,today, it got barred again! Pissed off, I called them-(CELCOM) only to be told again that my phone was over the credit limit. When I said that I have paid the amount I was informed that I had not paid enough as the bill was RM1200!!!!!

WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is the bill for this?? The Bill has not come out yet, I was told. So how can I verify this bill?? I can't. So why are you barring me?? Its automatically done. It has to be I think because CELCOM technical people are MORONS!!!!!!! (The legal and secretarial ppl are lovely though). Waaaa- as the phone call is recorded I spoke very slow and proper malay to tell them exactly what I think of their behavior!! (they being CELCOM yah) First they tell me I'm over the credit limit, then at the time when we paid they never mention the RM1200 thing, then they don't even give me a bill then they BAR the line???? What if I had an emergency?? How was I to know that the Bill was RM1200??

Hang on a minute- RM1200????? For 4 days in Mumbai??? How much is the roaming charges lah - RM100 per minute ?? So I called again (having told off the first person (from CELCOM) that since he cannot do anything for me its blardieee useless to talk to him la kan!!) and I asked how much. 50 sen for a sms, plus surcharges imposed by the country. How much is the surcharge then? They can't tell me as they don't know. SO ?? I'M supposed to know is it????? Last I checked CELCOM is a telecommunication company, they can't tell me what the surcharge imposed by INDIA is,they can't tell me what my bill is, and they bar my line anyway??What uselessness is this??Am I supposed to find out myself??Why not call myself SHILACOM then?? GRRR....

Hope the bill is a huge mistake! I cannot believe that I spent RM1200 during 4 days. I spoke to the kids every day for about 10 mins top! Anyway I will from now on, use DIGI. (Not CELCOM yah people)

Anyway back to us...We have different ways of dealing with anger. He thinks I should toughen up and I think he should soften a bit- Just now something happened to Sara which basically led to hubby being really mad at a relative's daughter. I did not know what actually happened and did not dispute the telling off part only the way it was done- I was worried that it may have hurt my relative's feelings. I think hubby felt disappointed that I did not support him. .
he went quiet and moody. (he never did before 2006)- Pshaw I was not having THAT was I?? I was not mad anymore and HE's not talking to me now? Heh heh heh..I nagged and nagged him to tell me what was he thinking and discovered that he was feeling among other things, hurt that I would not see things from his view. I on the other hand wanted him to understand that perhaps he could have toned down the scolding a bit - as the father of the girl was actually there and had the authority to (and should have) scolded the daughter. Maybe I was wrong? Only thing is the parents concerned are shall we say a bit softer on their child than we are with ours so maybe its a case of different views on parenting? Will I like it if someone tells off my kid in front of me?NO siree- that's my job, mate!
Anyway we have sorted it out and talked it out (-gosh men really love to bottle things up don't they?? Like extracting teeth I tell you! I can't leave things bottled up -Never have been able to. Never slept angry lah. All this hubby sleeping on sofa is sooo American sitcom). In my world there is always sunshine and people talk like a Mills and Boon novel heh heh. Funny thing is that I think if I act moody I'd probably get ignored for days on end until I feel better!

Hope the above is not too embarrassing for you- it is rather private, isn't it. All is well again in our household....I probably would cringe tomorrow at revealing this to the world (that is, the family world) but it serves a purpose in telling you that all marriages need work and even though we have known each other close to 17 years, you can never take each other for granted....- may I always have the tenacity to outmood the moody and may he always er..think I'm cute. If he stops thinking I'm cute, may he always -er.. remember the pain I went through to give him his five kids heh heh heh...
Happy Anniversary to the world's most patient husband. I love you.


Dad of Four said…
Hey guys...You r a gr8 couple. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Yani's been coaxing me to change from ****S to Celcom. No thank you!
Fulltime Mom said…
Happy Anniversary you twolovely people... May there be more sunshine and joy in the future. and another child, perhaps? Hehehe...
dijah said…
happy anniversary aunty sheila!
may ur anniversary be blessed by God..
gud luck to nadine as she is sitting 4 UPSR this year!may she get straight a's!
MRS. HUSIN said…
dear kak long & epi...


heheh, anything special planned for tonite? or is this a belated wish?

love you both!!!
cumulonimbus said…
Oii...your friend here is very insulted you chose Di*i over Ma*is.
Dad of four, thank you for your continuous support.
Hi Full time Mom! Thanks v much - nope the factory is closed for the moment hee hee!
Hi Dadof4 and Cumulonimbus! Thanks and will now consider M&*is and not CELCOM heh heh- - yang HOTLINE tu apa??
Hi Izan- thanks..and Im sorry to hear about your grandmother....
Hi Dijah- waaa bagi lah tips!!

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