Monday, January 29, 2007


Work: Have been receiving calls from this one particular borrower every ten minutes. Remind self to be patient and put yourself in their position. Hence my still chirpy voice answering yet the same question.

Kids: Have discovered kids' "rule" more or less of ownership. It seems that if any of them has said that the particular item is hers, before any one else, everyone else will have to defer. And if they say "guard my spot" then its sacred. However apparently Dahlia has a different rule. If she says "its mine" Its hers, however she can be bought out. Heh heh heh..typical Daya. She has 'sold' her stuff before.

Ego: learning that sometimes should shut up and give a person who is obviously wrong, some face , instead of lecturing that person on how he is so clearly and obviously wrong.

Just realised that its been a whole year since hubby and I got away to anywhere just the 2 of us. Must remedy this. El pronto. But where can I go for less than a hundred eh? (duduk rumah je lah ek? hee hee)

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