Wednesday, February 28, 2007

takziah to Zu

Alfatihah for Uncle Taufek..

Hope and Prayer

Sleep is eluding me.

Headcold coming on.

Been sniffing all day.

Still worried and still hoping.

Rude Nurses should just quit.

Guards should take lessons in closing one eye. No ones WANTS to go the hospital, mate.

Docs should make sure that you are thoroughly understood by people. Medic speak is not English, btw. And we all watched House MD/Grey'/ER... We know the drill.

and ....Husband should be less defensive. :-)

Still hoping

Still praying.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Uncle Taufek

What Uncle Taufek is to me: a "hip" atok, always very cheerful , father to my best friend who once told me off when the 14 (or thereabouts) year old me stayed over at their place without telling my dad, a sporty man, and an allaround cool dude who is loved to bits by his family.

and who is now heartbreakingly lying in the ICU. Please let a miracle happen, dear God. (as at latest his vital signs are improving as per bro in law's sms) bro in law is his son in law btw.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Nottingham Dinner

Manic expression - v late allready.
3 out of 4 were once very thin...
[ Mr and Mrs C G -oops removing them on the advise of ftm-in case they mind!]
Group photo- from 2 tables! (I'm bending in case you can't see the pink guy behind)
[guys..ive removed yr lovely later yah]
Yesterday was the Gala Night for Nottingham Uni alumni. We got dressed up and Sophia declared her daddy very handsome indeed and he looks like a butler. Har har har. Anyway we outdid the royalty and arrived 15 mins after them. Not that bad as the person who invited us, J, was as late as us. Tsk tsk this is all due to husband crashcoursing on how to tie a bow tie 10 on the day itself. Not to mention me pondering on which particular pearl necklace I was to wear- h,, pearl or pearl??

On the way, got the news that Zu's dad was in hospital with Subarachnoid hemorrhage,
ie, bleeding in the brain- he was in Tawakal (He is now in GH and we are going over shortly) .
Back to the dinner- we were seated with TRM (who came solo) as well as some other not seen for a long time faces...some couples who were couples back then were still together although they are now moms full time. They informed me that they gave up work once the kids arrived...which basically did make me feel like world's most selfish mother heh heh heh.. as it always does. Food was western for a (welcomed) change with 2 starters- mango something , mushroom something and then main course was chicken breast with mushroom - i definitely enjoyed the food!
Entertainment was dances and fashion show by the international students in the Malaysian branch of Notts U although you would think that the campus's majority students are from India and Africa.. although the dances and shows were very interesting it probably was not reflective of the entire student body. Some of the students were er..amply endowed , we noticed as they perform their energetic African dance. I'm sure the 2 sultans have seen it all (I mean Sultan Azlan and Tuanku Negeri Sembilan) b**bs wise heh heh heh...
Ok lah all in all, got to meet old friends, husband was beaming as everyone remarked that he was not THAT fat at all!
Rushed to Tawa*kal then and found the family outside - uncle has gone to bed by then and we established that the doctor was useless - reluctant to do a CT scan, even. Asked Uncle if he wants treatment or not. I don't know lah what has happenned when patient appear to know more than the docs....
Uncle is in GH now, I hope he is already admitted, and treated properly. As far as everyone there is concerned, he is my husband's uncle (shorter story)...
Ok/ tara....

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nadine in University??

According to Sophia, NAdine is allready in University.

University PSR.

Geddit ?? Hahahahaha

(FTM- we are on the way...Daddy is sleeping on the couch)


Yesterday as I came out from the clinic, I was approached (accosted?) by these 2 ladies- one about 40 ish and the other about early 20s. They were from MA*KNA the cancer charity and they were looking for donors who are willing to debit their accounts directly to MAKNA. Basically, you'd either make a deduction from your credit card or your bank account, into their account, at as low as RM1 per day. Every month your statement would show that direct debit has been done towards MAKNA (they were anxious to reassure me that it would not be towards their own account) and hey presto, some more money for the cancer patients.
I asked them what do they do with the cash- they told me that they do not accept cold cash from donors they accosted er I mean approach, but rather they'd encourage you to do this . The monies go towards supporting the costs of equipment and medication for the very very poor.
So, I said ok! And went home feeling rather good as I have finally achieved something charity wise. I had been toying with the idea of sponsoring a child, or approaching a charity home but have no idea how (do we have a central charity point?) . Anyway once I got home I called hubby who told me that it was such a dangerous thing I did because I should not have given our credit card or account details to anyone.
So I called MAKNA. By this time I was completely convinced that these 2 were conwomen and they will empty the rest of the credit limit.
But, happily, it is kosher...there are people at that office listed in the brochure I got, and Rosnah is a bona fide agent.
It's hard to trust people nowadays isn't it.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Various Pix of Chinese New Year Weekend

Meal time with the inlaws- Mazran, Nor ,Mom, Anne , Zu and Epa

Me and gorgeous Fayha..

Uncle Faiz's house in Johor Bharu
Mr Fahim ....are you talking to me? Are you talking to ME? Heh heh heh. He's really cute and loved it when we bounced him up and down- which is a real work out on the arms let me tell you. Can you believe it?? SP Setia has parks like this in the middle of housing developments! Why can't all property developers think the same way? WE so need parks, hello..But of course over here the parks are full of er..foreigners. Nenek's birthday food... Epa and Mazran barbecuing on Mom in Law's birthday om 19.2.2007.
Happy Birthday Nenek...
Penatnye tunggu masak barbecue laaaaa!!

Littering on the highway

The driver opened his window, and let out rubbish.
What lah!!! My pet hate. It flew past us. I see this a lot. Do they think the rubbish EVAPORATE or what?????


Sophia: mummy , read my poem. "You love me, I love you, lets do everything you do"
Mummy: That's nice Sophia
Sophia: What else mummy?
Mummy: That depends, what do you want to write?
Sophia: I have no idea

She is saying "I have no idea" a lot . She told me "Mummy, yesterday I read SIX books"
"That's very good Sophia!" I said,"What are they about?"
"I have no idea.." (like : I, have NO idea)

Sara was in a silly mood yesterday. She and Nadine, was in hysterics. She told me that Nadine said she was famous - as we were going to Damansara. Also Nadine said if you remove "an" from Damansara you get "Dam Sara" . And she is tickled pink to tell me that she eats herself everyday- SARA pan.

Dahlia was a bit subdued (see previous post)

Johan is making a conscious effort to pronounce his Ks..poor baby.

I have raised a bunch of comedians.

Dahlia is unwell

I am thus, at home on "emergency leave". Does it qualify? She is very manja (ie attached to me) and last nite was whiny. She loves to put her hand on my (wobbly ) tummy - its her comfort zone! Ooops is this too much info? I have to take her to the clinic today, Hubby has kindly left the car with me.

I am feeling very guilty like I'm playing truant. She is hot to the touch. Must have gotten it from the school as she is the only one down and the others are all ok and they were at home all this time. I have given her medicine and she is sitting watching telly hence my quick blog. Nothing urgent at office and yesterday I even said to office mate, I am so free that I don't know what else to google! That was of course just before all hell broke loose - tu lah, jaga mulut tu....

Last nite we went to see Mak Z and Uncle Y. The newlyweds and mom and dad to be were also at home, fresh from their Bali honeymoon trip. Uncle Y has back pain and Mak Z was discussing possible alternatives to surgery , for which he has been scheduled. Surgery is indeed a big deal, although Hubby of course thinks if its necessary its necessary. Who wants to be exposed to infection risks, anaesthetics blunders etc, right. Thanks Mak Z for the Pizza! Kids loved it.

Ok, tara..

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Why I am Fat

These are a few of my favourite things, as Julie Andrews said, and as I gaze outside of my office window, at the rain that suddenly appeared from nowhere, the rumblybelly wish that I could have all these: The gorgeous mintychocolateness of Aeromi*nt....which is now supplied by my brother in Ireland, and devoured by my kids and me (if I'm not fast enough, by only my kids)..

the lovely orangey jelly part surrounded by the sponge cake- dipped in coffee, it's divine! (the coffee'd taste awful though heh heh) My favourite choc after Aero*Mint

And this is my companion for lunch.

The above is my companion while studying for they sell it here?? Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmss

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Tag

Sigh...have not managed to get the pix of our hectic (but fun) weekend uploaded yet. Spent the day at home with kiddies while husband golfed with friends, and I got cosy with a much more readable book, the Broker by J Grisham . (So readable in fact that I've finished it). Evening was spent with friends at a CNY open house (ie hubby late back from golf and rushing us to get going) and it was all in all , a slow, pleasant day. (Nadine asked me whether I'm done with Orhan Pamuk's Snow- I'm still going through it.It's at once sad and moving and depressing and stark and bleak.. Or is that because I have not finished the book yet? I feel grateful while reading the book that I am blessed with the ability to take my country, my peace and my religion, for granted) .

Oh yeah- six weird stuff about me. The rule goes like this:

Rules of the game: Each player of this game starts out by telling 6 weird things about themselves on their own blog, as well as state the rules clearly. At the end, you will need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list out their names. After you do that, leave them a comment on their blogs letting them know you tagged them.

I am tagging: Zu, Izreen, Aida, Izan , DadofFour, and Dijah okay....and if you have done it you just tag others lah!

'Weird" stuff:

1. Er yeah when I was about 4 I went to the Wet Market with my mom , then pregnant with my brother, and fed up with waiting for her to haggle over of all things, kuey teow, I went wandering off . Apparently I was then picked up by this lady who was all set to take me somewhere. I do remember being carried by a woman and bawling loudly. Then she dropped me somewhere, and someone else found me and took me to the police hut. Not properly kidnapped lar...but mom said at that time a lot of kids were taken over the border to be sold, and I was missing for a couple of hours.

2. Secondly, I cannot take hot food at ALL. I can't stand chillies. What makes it weird is that I married a man whose palate is clearly defective as he swallows birds eye chillies whole .

3. I love to eat milo. Do not tell my children.

4. I can bend my thumb really far backwards. Apparently this is weird according to my husband, as you are not supposed to be so flexible! Out of 5 kids, Sophia takes after me. On the other hand, all of them can roll their tongue (like their dad) and I can't.

5. I hate hate hate going to dentists...did I tell you I had a "fang" coming out of the roof of my mouth and I was taken to see several dentists to take it out and actually slapped one(got slapped right back by my dad, as I recall).

6. I cannot sleep in total silence or total darkness. The tv would be on all the time.

Hmm..seems very non weird to me.

Eventful life? Rather boring I'd say. Sheltered existence. Strict father. Kept telling me I'd thank him later. And you know what- I do.


Hiii we are back!!! It's 2.20 am! Hubby was M Schumacher himself as we took only 3 hours to arrive home! Tomorrow is offday too but we have to come back tonite as he has a golf game on tomorrow mornin!

I thought I'd check in and say hello- can't properly write about the weekend, as pics not up yet, but suffice to say we celebrated my mother in law's birthday and managed to see almost every one in the family! (save for youngest newly married sis in law who could not make it as there was a crisis with her mom in law- hope she is ok, Atie!) - Mom in law cooked laksa johor, mi hoon, nasi (all in one meal, ok) and the next nite (ie just now) we had barbecue to celebrate her birthday and the kids baked a cake! thinking of 6 weird per docyana's tag...apa ye.....does being kidnapped at 4 counts?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ramblings at 3 am

I get asked a lot whether i have a lot of time now since I moved firms , since where do I find the time to blog?

Well , folks:

a. it does not take long to ramble nonsense.

b. Also, I don't have regular sleeping patterns.

c. And, I am able to do 1000000 things at once (har har don't I wish! )

But the truth is, I find it therapeutic. Never mind that you may think this is so ditzy, or my grammar is wrong (at least I know not to spell it "grammer", or wait a minute- is it spelt grammer???!! :-)) or that I am this or that (someone actually commented that no one would believe that I'm a lawyer from this blog! Ya' know who you are young lady! What izzat s'posed to mean heh..i speak good wat..)

Truth is...I do enjoy babbling and truly, my friends would, if they know of the existence , thank me for sparing them the monologue that is this blog.I know that not everyone would want to hear what my kids get up to and not everyone thinks my kids are the cutest thing since sliced bread he he he .. But I happen to think they are ! And who wants to hear what I think anyways? So here is the blog's a sponge to stop my brain shortcircuiting with all these family info and thoughts that should appear in the Independent but just stop short of meeting the quality. heh heh heh.

Ok- tonite's (last) posting is on the topic of....being a half of one. I mean, being single as opposed to being a couple lar..

I notice that a lot of my friends are still single -(see ,don't miss a trick, me.) They have everything, looks money etc, but they are not part of a "relationship".

My hero, as a point in case, is also still single (and all lonely way over there in Seoul) . And he has everything. Why he is still single though? Is he looking for perfection?

Some people think that single people ought to be pitied or "helped" to find a partner. They'd be matchmade to an inch of their lives sometimes or pushed forward by anxious family members, usually who are already in a "relationship", at weddings and functions, to meet other people.

I gather this is a very irritating thing for singles. They do not like it. If they are single, they do NOT want constant reminders that their lives are not thought of as "complete" by some sections of the society. Hey, they are happy what.

So, I suggest that single people be allowed to feel proud and happy in their status, and left alone, by those in a relationship. With the state of the world these days, who knows if the pitying look given by a coupled person, or which you as a coupled person give unknowingly, could fall onto you one of these days- nauzubillah or god forbid, as they say.

(But who can resist the lure of matchmaking ??? the romance, the mystery, the "will they like each other or will they puke? Will he be a gent and open doors and pick tabs up or will he be a boor? Will she be dull or will she be funny?" etc etc etc)

BUT! I also don't agree with singles thinking that they are better than the coupled. What is this - I do not need a man to validate my existence. Yah lah who says you do then? Don't lah be defensive pulaaakkkk... Those in relationships are not any less strong than you lah ...but perhaps a little bit less grouchy. Har har har..ouch dont hit me. sorry.

So let us live happy and in harmony , apples do not need to despise oranges, oranges do not need to envy or pity apples. It would be rather pointless for apples to wish they were oranges or the other way around. Eh what? hungry pulak.

Ok, leave the single gals and guys alone, they are happy.

What if singles are NOT happy and want lurve.

What if singles get love, but from people they absolutely have no feelings for?

What if , they are at the age where every darn auntie and uncle and relatives ask every other day when they will eat "nasi minyak" (ie get married la) and then they meet someone who loves them but not vice versa?

Should they settle or should they wait for Mr Right?

Mr Right or Mr Right Now? Mr Right or Mr He -Knows -I'm- Right? har har har (grab that one)

Chemistry, or loyalty?

Jun Sang or Sang Yuk???

Sigh..age old question.. (not to Jun Sang vs Sang Yuk question that is a no brainer- run away with him, girl!)

Ok I got no answer ...depends what you want I guess..

see , this blog has no point. No pictures and no ending.. I better go and pack now.Byeee


Never ever ever judge a person based on looks etc. Full stop. Don't think that the guy driving the big merc (not pronounced merdz i heard but merk- as in smirk, i'm driving a merc) is any better than the guy driving the small kancil as that small kancil may well be the driver's fifth car ha ha ha- which in itself doesnot mean that he is a better person, just more moneyed- or has a higher credit limit!

Don't also think for example that if I answer the phone for the doctor I am automatically the reception or the nurse. I would appreciate some recognition of status please! (some of his patients got his handphone no off the staff at hospital - that is SO not on)

And, Don't make the mistake of thinking that the driver of the taxi does not speak English - he may well be a person in the "corporate world" who has fallen onto bad times - "bad times" is another fallacy as I'm not too sure driving a cab is that bad a deal you know- flexi hours, cash in hand, get to meet a lot of people etc etc.

And don't think that a person is just a person as you may accidentally find out that the person is rather famous (or, infamous). I got a shock today.. ha ha ha..

And anyway- why is it that we "respond" to titles eh? My dad once conducted an experiment where he tried to book a hotel under the title "datuk" etc.(he is not a datuk then. he is now, by virtue of his 8 grandkids and I dare say, he is a far happier datuk than some of the titled ones out there he he he) ..anyway, it was a busy busy season and rooms were hard to find at that time. The title worked I think! Malaysians,eh?

I have nothing against titled ones- some of them are truly humble and very very nice, kan Uncle Y and Uncle R? Heh heh heh's the way we Malaysians react to the carrier of these titles that tickle me. Everyone is at some stage or the other, impressed. It means something you know. Exactly what i dont know.

Doctors by the way , (well , some of them any way,) are apparently not impressed by all these titles. Datuk, tan sri, etc at the end of the day your colon looks the same mate. Tan Sri man sri ship is not going to help you when you have the big C...(I really really pray that the big C stays far far away from us....) anyways.,Hubby is not really putting "getting a datukship" on his to do list. Oh yeah there are people, even in the medical profession, who do get all excited when titled people come around. 10 docs to attend one patient. I just know that hubby has NO patience to kowtow...he'd better stay in government service then!

Me- no difference to me, I guess, as long as they don't ask me to move to one side to let them thru heavy traffic.

Oh yeah, pic of my "datuk"'s car being was fun though..!

Yes. I know. I am going back .. tomorrow. Hubby is on call.

Friday, February 16, 2007

YAY! I can post pictures!!!

The pool at the Berja*a Time*s Squa*re
Jojo feeling hungry in front of Bor*ders (LAHVERLY Place by the way!)
Kiddies at the Cos*mow*orld
Future Michael Schumachers /or future Road Rage Maniacs ??
Here we the "living room" of the T*imes Sq*are apartment!
well, glad I can finally post pix up! I think its the server at the office!

Happy Holidays!

Waagh still cannot post pictures up!

Nothing much to blog about- last nite arrived v late as waiting for husband to finish cutting people up. The jam on the road was amazing- took one hour plus to get there. A colleague was kindness herself in giving me a lift as the car was at hubby's place.

Ok, just to say that Have a Happy Holiday safely...

We're probably going back to Hubby's hometown until Monday.

See u later...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Went to celebrate Valentine's Day with family yesterday. Armed with nan bread, jambu epal (new hybrid of guava that looks like apples), mangoes etc we all crashed at parents' home.

Spent the nite as it was too late to go home. Air condition does not agree with me so today have the sniffles. Kids love to go there as grandma pampers them. Mom telling me to not neglect my husband . Do I? Have to increase pampering levels then.

Discovered that there are more shops in Starhill than I originally thought! I've never been to the other floors! Saw TOU*S, a friend's favourite shop, and all sort of other brands. I am not so "into" all these brands but must say that some of them are nice (I like the brown almost triangle tous bag) .

Today had lunch with my nephew- the married one with kids. Felt a lot guilty as if doing something wrong (worried that his wife would mind) and it turned out that he was worried that my dearest husband might mind too- neither spouses should worry as we spent lunch talking about them, the kids, the family etc etc etc. Nephew and I used to be v good friends (friends being the operative word) a long long time ago. Of course my roomie at office thinks that I should stop all contact with this guy as something may happen. A mother of five? I dont think so. Hee hee hee

And husband today is examining. I still cannot post pictures up lar so I wont even try. By the way hubby was telling me about how he and other doctors were meeting to discuss the exam questions that they were going to set for their students. It was very funny as all these doctors are so darn opinionated and pedantic and want their own ways. I bet the meeting finished late, I said, How did YOU know he said hee hee hee.

Sophia's birthday do- she insists on MC D. I can't invite a lot of people if at Mc D. Also she wants a costume party. Now scratching head on how to do both. And invite a lot of people. Buat kat rumah kan senang.....

ok byeeee

Yes it is working hours.

BTW what is it about bigshots who insist on driving through mega heavy traffic and getting these police outriders to bully everyone else to the side?? Eh mate, you choose to come out during this hour, you bear the traffic like everyone else! This morning one outrider smacked our side mirrors to push us to the side. Hubby said "this is one of the times that I think we should be a republic." har har . Also " I hope his hand really hurts"

Oh sorry, a friend's friend is in one of these cars, I heard. Sorry. Sorry.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Problem for Mummy

"Mummy, I like this boy in class but my best friend also likes him and she has known him for 2 years since Standard x and she gets angry if I even look at him and if I tell her I don't like him anymore she says I'm bluffing and she wants me to pick on someone else but she is the one with three other crushes so she does not have to like this boy. What do I do mummy?"


My Ideas, Pak Lah

1. Walkalator around the city (ie hop on and hop off) - totally free of course. need to actually do any WALKING. Although, if you do want to exercise your leg muscles (you freak you) you can hop off and walk.

2 Parachutes supplied to everyone who works in a highrise- with instructions how to use and regular courses and practice drills. Government officers can give the contract to supply these parachutes to their cronies heh heh. Maybe I can pre-book pink ones. Terrorists smerrorists.

3.(this is NOT for men)- female thingy the size of Africa. (Either you get me, or you don't.)

4. AAM service for women only (ok this is actually in the process of planning as my lovely towtruck man was telling us)

5. Babysitter/Childminders EVERWHERE please- banks, post offices, clinics, supermarkets, libraries, etc etc etc- why is this soo hard??? IK*EA can do it?

Hmmm..what else eh?


Car broke down last nite. Husband arrived at office and announced that car won't start. Decided what the heck lets go and eat and went to Starhill. Had a little spying job on er..something. Went home courtesy of towtruck at midnite. Today went to work by cab. At half past 9. In the morning. Really.

Did you read the Star today? Government wants our ideas , people? Gosh ! First, how about we emulate the Singaporeans and developed upwards or downwards and not junglewards? I was at Ampang Jaya recently and I saw banners saying "No Landslide" what's that all about lah? Husband thinks that its about the proposal of building an access road thru the jungle to address the jam problems within Ampang and Ulu Klang area.

Tsk..I dont know lah. Don't think that's a smart idea somehow. Developers see roads as the reason to build more houses, and more roads equal more houses equal more jam and why oh why are we spittin in our ricebowl by disturbing our water catchment area. Husband also said that there is an email going around saying the USA is responsible for all the weather probs lately due to some uranium remnants?Come on Malaysians should not be so modest...we did all right in ruining the environment all by ourselves what need the Americans what. Cheh. these Americans, eh? We over develop, dont recycle, cut forests, and they STILL want to take credit for our depreciating weather. What can you do?

Anyways. you should not get me going, Pak Lah.

Gotto go!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Smoking.(this post not for kids ok)

This is my dilemma/conundrum

I wish a certain someone would stop smoking. I know he suffers and coughs at night and his children too points out the dangers of smoking.

But at the same time, a part of me ....

like watching him light up !

and thinks it looks really cool on him! (ok for all kids its VERY UNCOOL ok)

So how?

Berjaya Times Square

For the longest time our kids have been asking for us to take them to Heaven aka Ber*jaya times square or Co*smowo*rld aka the best place on earth evAH!

Sempena Johan turning 5 we booked into a one room apartment at the Be*rjaya Times thingy (only had to pay RM100 ) - Which is too too small. Maybe we should have booked the 2 room apartment!. Its nice though and hubby reports that the bed is nice. I don't know as I fell asleep at the edge in a sardine positin squeezed between 4 kids and hubby heh heh heh. Although original plan was to have a birthday party with Camillia and the gang(and we bought the balloons too) somehow it didnt materialised . In the end when Zu and family came over we just went swimming and had KF*C and then lepakked in the room. The kids all had fun jumping on bed (door can be closed- can hear them shrieking). We planned to go to the theme park the next morning. Thanks Zu for the present given to Johan (soldier!)

There are a LOT of shops in the Mall, let me tell u ..I may have to take another weekend there just to explore all the shops there. So far we have been to er..Bo*rders . Ok ok, the bread shop too. And 7 Ele*ven and St*arbucks and Kentucky and M*c D. Bought Nadine a swimsuit (50% sale people ,at ARE*NA). But other than that, other shops remain unexplored. Did pass a lingerie shop on the way to the loo when my husband asked me if they are "comfortable" to which I replied (a) I don't get enough of it to comment and (b) I don't think people buy it for the comfort dear and (c) even if its uncomfortable I don't think you'd notice ! Heh heh heh!

Ok will update later....suffice to say we had massive fun and enjoyed ourselves and Thanks to sis in law and family who joined us !

Happy Birthday to Dad!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Friday, February 09, 2007

Dear Husband: I want...


Thank you!


Kids' Ramblings

The kids have a close relationship with their Kak Minah. The other day, Sara was telling me that Johan refused to give the astro cable card and Kak Minah cannot see her show. Not used to the idea of my maid watching tv - not that I mind, I even offered her a tv which she refused- but she just does not watch tv with us- anyway I said "What did you say?"

and Sara instantly said " I meant and Sophia cannot watch her show."

So protective they are. Or is she threatening them or what? No reason to as I never stop her from doing just what she pleases. So, my curiosity piqued, I "interviewed" the kids last nite. After finishing their fight about who gets to lie down next to me (Dahlia on the right, Johan on the left and Sophia at the side of Dahlia) they tell me Kak Minah watches "Hikmah 2". Even then I had to promise them that I will not get angry with KakMinah. I asked JOhan how do you feel about that? And he said "Sometimes Im uptet betos I tennot watch my show". And so what does Kak Minah do? Does she watch other shows ? "She divs me milo in the bottle , but I still want to watch my show. and she also watches bangang putih bangang marah", and he proceeded to tell me all about how the plot was.

hahahahahahahahaha!!! bangang putih bangang marah, you!

Think the kids will adjust to a new one?


I hit a motorbike today!!!!


I was turning into my building, grinning stupidly about a guy calling in the radio station complaining that his fiance had an accident while listening to the radio, and suddenly I heard a crunch. I thought I had gone onto the curb when Iturned left but I saw in the mirror- I had hit a motorcyclist!!

I parked and rushed over and asked if he was allright. He's a sweet chinese man of about 50? Who was dazed and showed me his grazed knee. Of all the days, I had left my wallet in my drawer in the office and so could not offer to pay for his injury so I gave him my card. He said it's nothing as it was just the plastic part that got scratched. I really wanted to pay him then but can't lah as no duit!!! But I guess he has my card if he needs me. He looked really dazed. I feel really dazed. How could I not see the guy??? A secretary from my office walked past and I grabbed her to sit with me in the car..

Tu lah K&K!!

Update: The guy I hit, he just called me.! Thank you God, If I were to hit someone, you had given me the sweetest guy to do it to! He told me he just went to see his doctor and he only has bruises and for me not to worry about it. And he said his motor is fine and he does not need anything. He's working with PPB Group at Wisma Jerneh and his name is Mr Teoh Kim Leong. Mr Teoh, I am soooo soorry that I had to hit him.I have to send him something.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

My real role in life

Last nite, had dinner with friends from old place, at Sho*oks. Lovely gnocchi, and they had salmon teriyaki and some other japanese udon etc. My dessert of choice was creme brulee - my favourite dessert of all time. (Moussand*ra in KL Pla*za does a good one where the spoon actually cracks into the layer of sugar). I chose gnocchi as it made a nice change from Japanese food - 2 very good veryreasonable(next to Starhill anything looks reasonable) japanese place in my building where you can hog on a California Roll for Rm3 . and endless tea! Brill!

So my pals and I were talking about work etc ..and I was saying I love the fact that I've got a bit more time on my hands now to say, blog or , more importantly, pay attention to the kiddies. Actually I do have things that will (and does) flare up once in a while but after that is resolved, there is time to basically, go trouble other people heh heh..(by the way that should never never be uttered again ok. the minute you say out loud that you are experiencing a lull period every darn thing lands in your lap - although I don't mind at all, but it just goes to show that you should zip it when you are free heh heh heh!)

I guess if I was single, its easy for life to be this :, lunches, friends, gym etc. But I think my real role is ....the sargeant mum... Back home, I unzip the corporate taitai wannabe clothes and out comes the sargeant mum. Hubby's turn today to attend a team dinner so it was just us. I was nagging, so kids were soon asking where daddy was. heh heh heh.

It WAS nice to be able to sit with them as they do their work. Sophia wanting to know if its correct for a fill in the blank of "di Zoo Negara kami boleh melihat banyak binatang seperti [blank space] " she said "pulang"(return) , one of the choices there. The other (correct ) choice was tapir (she did not know that either.) Johan colouring in his letters as that was his "homework". Sara recalculating her maths as she had not bothered to read too closely the instructions and added when she had to do something else. Dahlia had allready done her work!(and was nagging me to put her to bed)

There was one thing I did not understand ...where did all those pencils I had bought disappeared to?? Now all they have short stubs, and look like this:

How yah?:-)

Best gak dengar budak ni borak...Sophia wanted to know whether she can invite her whole class for her birthday to Mc D. Before I could respond she said "chewah chewah"...heh heh as if she was only kidding and trying her luck..Har har har that was cute! Bapak dia pun gelak..
She did not want to go to school tomorrow as she always have "bad luck" she fell and bruised her chin. How she fell- she ran. So, don't run lah... Sara pun ashik fall here and there...she said this to me. She does not know why she keeps falling. I do. She's dreamy that's why! Dear dear school too dangerous for my kids hee hee.

Nadine said I shd go and pay the school fees soon. We DID try, Nadine. Twice, your teacher was not there. Then, mc; And we were told by the office that we HAD to pay personally to the teacher.Sigh.

On tv now is Shilpa Shetty. What do you think ah? She has met with Blair apparently. Waaaahhhh..big brother big issue big deal lah!

On newspaper- War tribunal. Why not, I say. Who cares about stuff like maintaining diplomatic relations, heck I am not the primeminister anymore. Tun has guts and gumption and probably, a lot more support than we think he does. A lot of people feel frustrated at the highhanded logic behind wars. Ban wars and make it illegal- why was this not done 50 years ago is the real question. Then, anyone using force to gain something, is automatically a war criminal . As easy as that?? How about war to save a people from perceived tyrant? Right or wrong? Do people need rescuing? Oppressive regimes?? Why so selective though...certain atrocious acts by a certain group of previously persecuted people (apparently a fantasy, according to Iran's PM) appears to be ignored and tolerated?? stressed thinking about it...Argh I need chocolate...!!

the RM26 soup. actually, the most appropriate title for this blog. Or it could be "the lunch that husband will NEVER know about.." (free plug anyway for the place)

A friend took me to this spot for lunch. ok ok its Fisher*man's Co*ve. It looked like the old Long John Silver (remember that place?) ie with items of er- fishing and sailor-y nature. (hey Ernest Hemingway I ain't). So we sat and instantly this lady appeared next to us with 2 huge menus. Leatherbound? Could be.Might as well be, actually! Trouble? Definitely.

I did not smell trouble then but I SHOULD, when my friend only ordered soup. It was indeed, RM26. I flipped through the menu for something having er a bit less wedding-anniversary-like prices. Basically I had to send the waitress away as I really reviewed the menu and could not do it in peace with her hovering about. Almost wanted to ask her if they had anything cheaper..heh heh heh. Menu was to drool over for a seafood lover like me. It had words like "season prices" and the most reasonable I could see was really, the soup. At RM26, it is indeed the cheapest thing on the menu. The lunch express menu was RM66... nope don't think so mate! Come on the maitre'd doesn't fool me, I'm sure he has HIS lunch at the mamak shop. Who is he kidding heh heh heh....

In the end we ordered 2 soup (eventually) and 2 water and one coffee for my friend (for me later, the coffee from the "office cove" hahahahaha- Starhill's coffee prices can buy me about a month's worth of Nesca*fe)

So anyway..

there we were, chatting over our snack of a lunch. Then we saw the time and quickly asked for the bill...which was.....wait for it:


Can you believe it???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!

For 2 water -RM14 each. one coffee RM12. (eh? coffee cheaper??) and mushroom soup- RM52 (each)..and tax and gedebak gedebuk - wallah- RM110.

We paid after checking that we did not accidentally swallow the diamonds they must have put in the water (normal, mineral, non sparkly water) -hee hee hee.

* Note: this has been reviewed as a very good restaurant. Looking at the pictures, I think it is. I would have loved to come here for say a birthday, or an anniversary or, any other special occassion where you'd have come prepared to dish out serious money and long hours over delish food and good company.

But for now , I just can't get over the fact that we spent RM110 on some soup and water...har har har!

Although what I had for lunch is usually one of the topics I would entertain hubby with in the car that day I kept verrrryyyyy quiet about it......(he's only going to tell me that he had a whole plateful of rice, and a mountain of dishes for less than RM3 anyway - spoil sport)..

My RM26 soup...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Atok and Opah

It was a nice dinner last nite. Went home, stopped at Zaini satay and ordered satay, went home, kids had quran lessons (sophia is on Quran now! Yay!) and after that, the ustaz stayed to eat. Yusuf and neighbour came over with delish KF*C (thank you darlings!) and then mom and dad came. Thanks for the pressie Atok and Opah and DadofFour and family- Johan loved the race tracks.

What was interesting was, dad got into assembling the tracks for the boys- Ibraheem stayed next to Johan to help the Atok to assemble the tracks - which was fiddlier than my dad thought. Ibraheem stayed back when family left but then when it was clear that come midnite the race track thingy was not going to happen anytime soon, I suggested that he comes back tomorrow. By that time my mom was going "Apa you buat tu? Come let me help you"

"You dont know lah" came the brusque reply from the atok who by now has his sleeves rolled and is sitting firmly on the carpet with all the bits and the tracks.

Mom joined him on the carpet and said" Come lah!" and pretty soon, mom and dad were both busy putting this race track together. You should have seen them, heads together, discussing where to put so and so, reprimanding each other - it was the cutest thing. !

I was curled on the chair asleep and I have no picture as my husband was also snoring on the couch. Heh heh heh

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


congratulations to Lana and Helmy!! and all the best for the next nine months!

Happy Birthday Johan!

Johan is five today! (above is his favourite pose)

When asked how he feels on turning five, he said "I will miss drinking milo in the bottle". He has promised that he will quit the habit once he turns five.

Wow. how fast time flies...five already..

Johan. At 5. Knows how to negotiate. Knows how to buy time. Now telling me that he has done a lot of painting on the laptop and "need some rest". Likes sport cars, cars in general, likes to read, is on Iqra' 1 but have a problem as cannot pronounce certain letters like k and j. He would complain to me that Daya called him a name and she is not "apolodaising" to him like mummy asked her to. Lately, have started to throw tantrums if not getting his way. What is this??!! He's been so docile so far ! Also, assuring me that when he and Ibraheem fights, they are just playing. I have just taught him how to say "I'm sorry I didn't mean to push you that hard" playing and fighting seems one and the same to me!

Girls are asking us what we are getting him. I think, a mini car. He had one from this shop which unfortunately had its wheels broken (from long use) and which, after a long time hobbling on, we finally threw out last 2 weeks. With a promise that we'll buy a new one. Problem, that shop has closed down. Also - He wants Cosmowor*ld/Ultra*man cake. Where can I print out an Ultra*man face? to stick on a cake??(coz no way can I get a special cake on a day's notice)

Happy Birthday our Little Man.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Burning calories is no FUN

My legs. Are. Killing Me.
Today we exercised. And I think my legs are protesting. Somehow , everyone had breakfast and changed to their jogging suits by 7. Dad could not go far from KL as he was still on call so we were determined to do something together in KL-We thought we'd just repeat the walk around the zoo thing but then I remembered my friend who took her kids walking around Lake Garden and I thought Lake Garden must be nice and quiet at this time of the morning. (Nadine, fresh from her cross country run, was instructing us how to warm up)

Wrong, wrong wrong. Or rather, today it was wrong. On other days and other months it would probably be quieter than now, but post Federal Territory Day there were loads of people there- LOADS. So hard to get parking!

There was a fishing competition going on , a fact that we didn't cotton on until we saw people wearing the same tshirt which said 'Fishing Competition" and then whammo, we turned the corner and saw people filling up all the empty space around the lake, with their rods. Some had their rods tugged at- I suspect by other lines rather than by fish. Heh heh.

Anyway we did ok, walking around the garden. Pleasant enough although a bit of a scare when we thought Dad lost his handphone. Lake Garden is a gem and I hope no one will suddenly want to build yet another office block in that space and pull all sorts of cable to magically get the permission to do that.

After that, I wanted to go to the gym and the kids jumped at the chance to cool down at the pool. This time not so jakun and tried DadofFour's idea of pedalling backwards on the cross trainer. Did not do so badly- made it to five minutes without collapsing. Hee hee. The cycle thingy was nicer. All I had to do was sit and cycle. I did that for 25 mins, in between yelling at the kids to stop running around the pool and checking there were still five in the pool. Persuaded hubby to try the gym and I think he liked it! Yay! Finished with the treadmill...and a round of ping pong. Which we played a lot of when we were still bofren and gerfrend and I was visiting him in Derby Hospital. This time around , of course, the difference is that we have 5 commentators nagging us to let them try. Ping Pong or table tennis is the one game that I do not absolutely suck at.

Evening, went to Cyberjaya Pool with Sister inlaw and family. Zu 's girls and my kids enjoyed playing in this brand new pool. One week old only! The men got in a game of tennis. My father had called earlier to say he may be dropping by from kampung for dinner at our place so we had planned to be back by 8 as my fridge only has spaghetti and ikan masak asam. However, as we were still at the pool at 8, bro in law convinced us that we may as well go to Bagan Lalang with them for some ikan bakar..So called my father who said never mind lah you go ahead lah. Promised him that I'd bring dinner over tomorrow. Thanks for taking us Epa.

Bagan lalang seafood was good- tomorrow definitely no need to eat at all.

But now..home..and gosh my legs do ache!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Childhood memories

I was reading this posting by MonaRahman yesterday. She talks about her childhood best friend (she's in Agra and is very readable) . We all had one, don't we?

I didn't have a chance to have a proper best friend when I was small, as my dad's job meant we were always moving . But I do remember one girl in Year 1 with whom I would go to recess together , holding hands. Holding hands, in public, is the one thing that girls would do unthinkingly until they know better hee hee.

Going earlier than that, I remember when I was about what - 5? Just before we all moved to Labuan Island, I had this friend Marina. She spent afternoons over and then I'd go over to her house. This must be when I was about 5 as I remember my brother crawling around the house. We'd play stuff like cooking grass, (over a pretend fire), or "police and thief" (which for the longest time I thought was called "polisentry"). When my brother got a bit older , if it was only the girls and him, more often than not he'd be married off to one of them. Heh heh heh.

At Labuan Island I was more with the local lads than the gals (no gals around I think)- there was a girl living across the road though but she was younger. I don't remember playing that much with her but one memory sticks out..until today. Hee hee. NOW its funny. Then it hurt. We were all at her house and while the parents were yakking in the living room, us kids were in the masterbedroom playing. I was combing her hair and we were playing salon . I saw a nice sharp shiny pair of scissors , and thought- now wouldn't it be a good idea for us to cut her waistlength hair? I did. And dad did belt me. properly. Ouch. Mom tells me that her mother did not speak to her for a month! Hee hee.

Those were the innocent times...Labuan Island was something else. We spent 2 years there? We'd fly back to KL in a small military plane, I remember. Everytime I came back to see my grandparents they'd make me speak as I would have a Sabahan accent ( jangan marah, bah!) Loads of memories...Memories of dad catching crabs, of us hiding his bamboo cane when he got mad(which he used not as often as I'm sure he'd felt like), of going to the market with mom and seing the colorful ladies in their sampan come up the river behind the market with their goods (and I was fascinated by the big black crabs which my mom said we could not eat), of walking back from the local surau/small religious school with my friends and my shock when one of them decided to relieve himself in the bushes in front of me!

It was only me and my brother then, so my mom had a lot of time to pander to our every wish. She'd make those lovely wobbly jelly I love to this day. I gave her a near heart attack one day as I slashed my fingers with a huge knife in Labuan, trying to open a prawn cracker packet. She was ironing at the back and I went to her, bleeding profusely. And how to forget my fear of dentists? (until now). I ran and ran around the dentist and my dad and 2 attendants ran after me. Once I hid in the huge drain. The other time I slapped the dentist (and got slapped back by dad)- all because they were trying to remove my dracula like fang in the middle of my mouth. Another tooth extraction left me bleeding non stop which led me to going to OT for the first (out of 3) time of my life.!

School was fun then - I went with forty sens to school which was a LOT . These 2 boys nearly hurt themselves trying to get MY attention he he he . Teacher used to make us buy kueh for her. Cheh. Kueh serimuka I think it was.

Now, I truly believe that it was decreed that I would have five identical little me -although they have yet to reach my degree of naughtiness then. Probably they would if I let them outdoors the way my mom let me then.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday allready...

Ho hum. Another Saturday. Another day Dad is in the hospital. On call . Again. And me on the PC. Just now had laksa johor at neighbour's place- thanks!!

Kids are playing monopoly. Neighbour's boys are here to play with Johan. Sophia and Dahlia fighting about who gets to sit on the chair. ?? I think Sophia is tired...she's crying over small things.Funny I don't remember Monopoly games as this noisy. Why are my girls shouting? Oh .they're not. That's the normal volume. By the way - We discovered this website where kids can learn spanish or french or dutch words - and its interactive! You'd need flash but its fun!

Just got off the phone with sis in law about what we are going to do with our lives. Reminded me of our teenager years as we would hang on the phone for absolutely ages. As usual our entreprenual dreams come up again. My sis in law is keen to produce organic bodycare products and I'm sure there is ample market out there . Apparently most shops import organic stuff from either Australia or UK or the States. It'll be great if she can get her organic shop one day.

As for me, her idea of setting up another cottagepatch shop model sounds ideal. Funny, I was JUST fiddling through my old UK bought cross stitch book- its been awhile since I did any craft work. And we both love cotton fabric esp floral ones! And I was JUST talking about it with next door neighbour who also smocks. Did I tell you about the yards of material just waiting to be sewn ?

Won't say anything much about this until something solid gets done. Too much talking allready, kan kan kan???.

In the meantime, the boys are really enjoying selves up there. Oops , the maid is here to fetch them. I'm asking them to come back after they have their lunch (Dadof Four I did offer lunch but they didn't want)

Nadine had just started to read other people's blog and after reading one post, she's telling me that I should not eat K*F*C as they treat chickens really badly. Well, we all have been behind that lorry carrying cases of live chickens or ducks and I've always wondered how they can justify that kind of treatment. They are all so crammed in one case. I'm sure its very cruel!But how to stop eating chicken???

Duduk rumah on a Saturday ok gak....boring sikit lah. I made them a list of jobs they have to cross - do homework, have breakfast., etc. I think Sara was the first to cross off her list. Johan is still in his jammies!!!!

Hubby was watching Antiques Roadshow last nite. I love that show. It appears to be about antiques but it's about human characters really. People come over with their heirloom/gifts/stuff they bought at a carboot sale and they get it looked at by an expert. They'd tell the expert the history of how the stuff got into their hands, and then the expert would tell them about the actual piece and its background. The experts' knowledge in their respective fields are usually amazing. The owners of the goods would sit patiently through the explanation but they don't fool us the viewers..We know that they don't really care that its Edwardian etc etc. they just wanna know how much it is worth! Hee hee. And so do we! Yardiyadiya-late 19th century- yardiyardiya- made by so and so..yardiyardiya ...fine craftmanship....who CARES??how much is it?? Hee hee hee.

It also was interesting as it brought husband back 21 years was held at his old school in Rutland. Wah, very the lucky one to get to go to orangputih's school - 2 from Malaysia then, 2 very small malay boys who later proved these matsallehs that they are as smart if not smarter than them hee hee...then he said something which I consider the best compliment he ever paid me. Which I am going to share here despite a very good chance of making any readers out there lose their lunch- he said he had been dealt with a very good hand of cards- school. family and me..*grin widely*
Ok ok ok...better sign off. Tata........................................

Friday, February 02, 2007

Our THursday

Yesterday was a first of many things for us as a family and me as a person.

We all went walking in the (not so early)morning. Thanks to Nadine's cross country race the next day, (adake they expect these kids to go running without any training or practise whatsoever) we thought we'd all go and accompany her as she jogs the route from her school around the area.

It was NO joke ok. I never realised that the house was so far from the school!:-) Thought about driving behind her but the car konked out so apart from walking as a family with her it became a lets -go -walk- to- the- mechanic- to -get -a -new- battery event. (I think hubby sabotaged the car heh heh)

Anyways there we were all 7 of us, Jojo included , walking along the zoo, along the housing areas etc. We brought along bottles of water. As expected, within 5 mins of walking (ie we could still see the house) Sophia wanted to drink.

I discovered that the girls with names starting with S are all like me. Sara and Sophia were moaning after a while. While Dahlia and Nadine were way ahead of us. Even Jojo ran on without me and left us weaklings behind.

There was a point when I could no longer see the girls but I was comforted by the thought that Dad was with them. However, when I turned the corner , there on the field was Daddy practising his golf swings with the umbrella we had brought, and the kids (Nadine and Dahlia) were way way ahead.

Paranoid me of course freaked out- what if a big mercedes stopped by and pushed my girls into the car (too many movies?) - so hubby then left his golf fantasy to chase after the too brave girls. By this time, Sophia was trailing behind, wanting to poo, wanting to drink, wanting to go home and telling me that she had actually forgotten to eat breakfast so now she is hungry and can we PLEASE go to that restaurant?? I felt the same way actually but since I had no one to moan to I had to be cheerful and go on- Johan and Sophia eventually picked up a stick each, and had fun the rest of the walk by drawing arrows in the sand- about 20 minutes later we reached the school!

Phew! off we went to the petrol station where everyone loaded on junkfood and mineral water. And then we "presented" some RM200 to the mechanic for a new battery. Then we got sent back in a nice VIOS , by the same mechanic....!

Back home, sad to say, we had lunch, and then went to sleep for 3 hours. Hehehe.

BUT! We redeemed ourselves by taking them to the playground near Felda- really cool although small field -this playground was next to an Arabic restaurant- so I drooled over the menu as the girls went on the swing. Hubby forbade us from ordering anything but he did stop by the BEST ROTICANAI stall in Gurney which really had very good roti chanai- very very crispy. We took along 7 roticanai to the pool with us, although half of it was devoured by these hungry kids .

At the pool I ventured near the gym while the kids frolicked. I had long eyed the gym but I had no idea HOW to use the machines! Finally I plucked up the courage to go and ask someone how to work the machines and had a go.

Whew! I was dripping pespiration , and thought I must have lost at least a kilo's worth! Then I looked down and it said time lapsed- 3 minutes. Har har har!!

Ok that was our day and tiring. Must do it again.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...