Friday, February 09, 2007


I hit a motorbike today!!!!


I was turning into my building, grinning stupidly about a guy calling in the radio station complaining that his fiance had an accident while listening to the radio, and suddenly I heard a crunch. I thought I had gone onto the curb when Iturned left but I saw in the mirror- I had hit a motorcyclist!!

I parked and rushed over and asked if he was allright. He's a sweet chinese man of about 50? Who was dazed and showed me his grazed knee. Of all the days, I had left my wallet in my drawer in the office and so could not offer to pay for his injury so I gave him my card. He said it's nothing as it was just the plastic part that got scratched. I really wanted to pay him then but can't lah as no duit!!! But I guess he has my card if he needs me. He looked really dazed. I feel really dazed. How could I not see the guy??? A secretary from my office walked past and I grabbed her to sit with me in the car..

Tu lah K&K!!

Update: The guy I hit, he just called me.! Thank you God, If I were to hit someone, you had given me the sweetest guy to do it to! He told me he just went to see his doctor and he only has bruises and for me not to worry about it. And he said his motor is fine and he does not need anything. He's working with PPB Group at Wisma Jerneh and his name is Mr Teoh Kim Leong. Mr Teoh, I am soooo soorry that I had to hit him.I have to send him something.


Fulltime Mom said...

send him what? another motorbike. you nie terlebih sweetlah.

The Superwomanwannabe said...

ok i sent him 3 boxes of chocs. Wrapped with a HUGE ribbon, shd be ok right

cumulonimbus said...

With drivers like you around, he needs knee guard more than chocolate. So very the Valentine mood. hehehehe..

Anonymous said...

Yes Chocolates I agree also a link to this blog post!! :) He deserves is as he was so honest. Most people try to rip you off and insist for payment. Well done Mr. Teoh.

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