Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Atok and Opah

It was a nice dinner last nite. Went home, stopped at Zaini satay and ordered satay, went home, kids had quran lessons (sophia is on Quran now! Yay!) and after that, the ustaz stayed to eat. Yusuf and neighbour came over with delish KF*C (thank you darlings!) and then mom and dad came. Thanks for the pressie Atok and Opah and DadofFour and family- Johan loved the race tracks.

What was interesting was, dad got into assembling the tracks for the boys- Ibraheem stayed next to Johan to help the Atok to assemble the tracks - which was fiddlier than my dad thought. Ibraheem stayed back when family left but then when it was clear that come midnite the race track thingy was not going to happen anytime soon, I suggested that he comes back tomorrow. By that time my mom was going "Apa you buat tu? Come let me help you"

"You dont know lah" came the brusque reply from the atok who by now has his sleeves rolled and is sitting firmly on the carpet with all the bits and the tracks.

Mom joined him on the carpet and said" Come lah!" and pretty soon, mom and dad were both busy putting this race track together. You should have seen them, heads together, discussing where to put so and so, reprimanding each other - it was the cutest thing. !

I was curled on the chair asleep and I have no picture as my husband was also snoring on the couch. Heh heh heh

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