Monday, February 12, 2007

Berjaya Times Square

For the longest time our kids have been asking for us to take them to Heaven aka Ber*jaya times square or Co*smowo*rld aka the best place on earth evAH!

Sempena Johan turning 5 we booked into a one room apartment at the Be*rjaya Times thingy (only had to pay RM100 ) - Which is too too small. Maybe we should have booked the 2 room apartment!. Its nice though and hubby reports that the bed is nice. I don't know as I fell asleep at the edge in a sardine positin squeezed between 4 kids and hubby heh heh heh. Although original plan was to have a birthday party with Camillia and the gang(and we bought the balloons too) somehow it didnt materialised . In the end when Zu and family came over we just went swimming and had KF*C and then lepakked in the room. The kids all had fun jumping on bed (door can be closed- can hear them shrieking). We planned to go to the theme park the next morning. Thanks Zu for the present given to Johan (soldier!)

There are a LOT of shops in the Mall, let me tell u ..I may have to take another weekend there just to explore all the shops there. So far we have been to er..Bo*rders . Ok ok, the bread shop too. And 7 Ele*ven and St*arbucks and Kentucky and M*c D. Bought Nadine a swimsuit (50% sale people ,at ARE*NA). But other than that, other shops remain unexplored. Did pass a lingerie shop on the way to the loo when my husband asked me if they are "comfortable" to which I replied (a) I don't get enough of it to comment and (b) I don't think people buy it for the comfort dear and (c) even if its uncomfortable I don't think you'd notice ! Heh heh heh!

Ok will update later....suffice to say we had massive fun and enjoyed ourselves and Thanks to sis in law and family who joined us !

Happy Birthday to Dad!

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