Monday, February 05, 2007

Burning calories is no FUN

My legs. Are. Killing Me.
Today we exercised. And I think my legs are protesting. Somehow , everyone had breakfast and changed to their jogging suits by 7. Dad could not go far from KL as he was still on call so we were determined to do something together in KL-We thought we'd just repeat the walk around the zoo thing but then I remembered my friend who took her kids walking around Lake Garden and I thought Lake Garden must be nice and quiet at this time of the morning. (Nadine, fresh from her cross country run, was instructing us how to warm up)

Wrong, wrong wrong. Or rather, today it was wrong. On other days and other months it would probably be quieter than now, but post Federal Territory Day there were loads of people there- LOADS. So hard to get parking!

There was a fishing competition going on , a fact that we didn't cotton on until we saw people wearing the same tshirt which said 'Fishing Competition" and then whammo, we turned the corner and saw people filling up all the empty space around the lake, with their rods. Some had their rods tugged at- I suspect by other lines rather than by fish. Heh heh.

Anyway we did ok, walking around the garden. Pleasant enough although a bit of a scare when we thought Dad lost his handphone. Lake Garden is a gem and I hope no one will suddenly want to build yet another office block in that space and pull all sorts of cable to magically get the permission to do that.

After that, I wanted to go to the gym and the kids jumped at the chance to cool down at the pool. This time not so jakun and tried DadofFour's idea of pedalling backwards on the cross trainer. Did not do so badly- made it to five minutes without collapsing. Hee hee. The cycle thingy was nicer. All I had to do was sit and cycle. I did that for 25 mins, in between yelling at the kids to stop running around the pool and checking there were still five in the pool. Persuaded hubby to try the gym and I think he liked it! Yay! Finished with the treadmill...and a round of ping pong. Which we played a lot of when we were still bofren and gerfrend and I was visiting him in Derby Hospital. This time around , of course, the difference is that we have 5 commentators nagging us to let them try. Ping Pong or table tennis is the one game that I do not absolutely suck at.

Evening, went to Cyberjaya Pool with Sister inlaw and family. Zu 's girls and my kids enjoyed playing in this brand new pool. One week old only! The men got in a game of tennis. My father had called earlier to say he may be dropping by from kampung for dinner at our place so we had planned to be back by 8 as my fridge only has spaghetti and ikan masak asam. However, as we were still at the pool at 8, bro in law convinced us that we may as well go to Bagan Lalang with them for some ikan bakar..So called my father who said never mind lah you go ahead lah. Promised him that I'd bring dinner over tomorrow. Thanks for taking us Epa.

Bagan lalang seafood was good- tomorrow definitely no need to eat at all.

But now..home..and gosh my legs do ache!


Fulltime Mom said...

I think you overdid itlah....


The Superwomanwannabe said...

u-huh!! Today a break ..maybe tomorrow again.

Dad of Four said...

Walawei supermom...A good round of cardio!

Thush said...

Wow ! what's the world come to when trusted couch potato mates start exercising....things aint what they used to be for sure. Have been cyberlurking your blog for the past week - very entertaining and yes hurl inducing at times esp the quip re hubby's hand in life...was he high on something at the time?..hee hee

dijah said...

I can't even sit still on the bicycle for 30 minutes!!!
I don't need the gym because school is my second gym.
tons of activites in one week!!!

Dad of Four said...

YOur pic on the X trainer.....priceless...LOL!

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