Saturday, February 24, 2007


Yesterday as I came out from the clinic, I was approached (accosted?) by these 2 ladies- one about 40 ish and the other about early 20s. They were from MA*KNA the cancer charity and they were looking for donors who are willing to debit their accounts directly to MAKNA. Basically, you'd either make a deduction from your credit card or your bank account, into their account, at as low as RM1 per day. Every month your statement would show that direct debit has been done towards MAKNA (they were anxious to reassure me that it would not be towards their own account) and hey presto, some more money for the cancer patients.
I asked them what do they do with the cash- they told me that they do not accept cold cash from donors they accosted er I mean approach, but rather they'd encourage you to do this . The monies go towards supporting the costs of equipment and medication for the very very poor.
So, I said ok! And went home feeling rather good as I have finally achieved something charity wise. I had been toying with the idea of sponsoring a child, or approaching a charity home but have no idea how (do we have a central charity point?) . Anyway once I got home I called hubby who told me that it was such a dangerous thing I did because I should not have given our credit card or account details to anyone.
So I called MAKNA. By this time I was completely convinced that these 2 were conwomen and they will empty the rest of the credit limit.
But, happily, it is kosher...there are people at that office listed in the brochure I got, and Rosnah is a bona fide agent.
It's hard to trust people nowadays isn't it.

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