Sunday, February 04, 2007

Childhood memories

I was reading this posting by MonaRahman yesterday. She talks about her childhood best friend (she's in Agra and is very readable) . We all had one, don't we?

I didn't have a chance to have a proper best friend when I was small, as my dad's job meant we were always moving . But I do remember one girl in Year 1 with whom I would go to recess together , holding hands. Holding hands, in public, is the one thing that girls would do unthinkingly until they know better hee hee.

Going earlier than that, I remember when I was about what - 5? Just before we all moved to Labuan Island, I had this friend Marina. She spent afternoons over and then I'd go over to her house. This must be when I was about 5 as I remember my brother crawling around the house. We'd play stuff like cooking grass, (over a pretend fire), or "police and thief" (which for the longest time I thought was called "polisentry"). When my brother got a bit older , if it was only the girls and him, more often than not he'd be married off to one of them. Heh heh heh.

At Labuan Island I was more with the local lads than the gals (no gals around I think)- there was a girl living across the road though but she was younger. I don't remember playing that much with her but one memory sticks out..until today. Hee hee. NOW its funny. Then it hurt. We were all at her house and while the parents were yakking in the living room, us kids were in the masterbedroom playing. I was combing her hair and we were playing salon . I saw a nice sharp shiny pair of scissors , and thought- now wouldn't it be a good idea for us to cut her waistlength hair? I did. And dad did belt me. properly. Ouch. Mom tells me that her mother did not speak to her for a month! Hee hee.

Those were the innocent times...Labuan Island was something else. We spent 2 years there? We'd fly back to KL in a small military plane, I remember. Everytime I came back to see my grandparents they'd make me speak as I would have a Sabahan accent ( jangan marah, bah!) Loads of memories...Memories of dad catching crabs, of us hiding his bamboo cane when he got mad(which he used not as often as I'm sure he'd felt like), of going to the market with mom and seing the colorful ladies in their sampan come up the river behind the market with their goods (and I was fascinated by the big black crabs which my mom said we could not eat), of walking back from the local surau/small religious school with my friends and my shock when one of them decided to relieve himself in the bushes in front of me!

It was only me and my brother then, so my mom had a lot of time to pander to our every wish. She'd make those lovely wobbly jelly I love to this day. I gave her a near heart attack one day as I slashed my fingers with a huge knife in Labuan, trying to open a prawn cracker packet. She was ironing at the back and I went to her, bleeding profusely. And how to forget my fear of dentists? (until now). I ran and ran around the dentist and my dad and 2 attendants ran after me. Once I hid in the huge drain. The other time I slapped the dentist (and got slapped back by dad)- all because they were trying to remove my dracula like fang in the middle of my mouth. Another tooth extraction left me bleeding non stop which led me to going to OT for the first (out of 3) time of my life.!

School was fun then - I went with forty sens to school which was a LOT . These 2 boys nearly hurt themselves trying to get MY attention he he he . Teacher used to make us buy kueh for her. Cheh. Kueh serimuka I think it was.

Now, I truly believe that it was decreed that I would have five identical little me -although they have yet to reach my degree of naughtiness then. Probably they would if I let them outdoors the way my mom let me then.



Dad of Four said...

Ya.."Polisentry went to jaga, polis mati pencuri jaga.....". Those were the days....I dont think my kids play them now? It's all computer games...sigh : (

The Superwomanwannabe said...

YEAH!! Thats the one- tsk macamana eh??

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...