Friday, February 23, 2007

Dahlia is unwell

I am thus, at home on "emergency leave". Does it qualify? She is very manja (ie attached to me) and last nite was whiny. She loves to put her hand on my (wobbly ) tummy - its her comfort zone! Ooops is this too much info? I have to take her to the clinic today, Hubby has kindly left the car with me.

I am feeling very guilty like I'm playing truant. She is hot to the touch. Must have gotten it from the school as she is the only one down and the others are all ok and they were at home all this time. I have given her medicine and she is sitting watching telly hence my quick blog. Nothing urgent at office and yesterday I even said to office mate, I am so free that I don't know what else to google! That was of course just before all hell broke loose - tu lah, jaga mulut tu....

Last nite we went to see Mak Z and Uncle Y. The newlyweds and mom and dad to be were also at home, fresh from their Bali honeymoon trip. Uncle Y has back pain and Mak Z was discussing possible alternatives to surgery , for which he has been scheduled. Surgery is indeed a big deal, although Hubby of course thinks if its necessary its necessary. Who wants to be exposed to infection risks, anaesthetics blunders etc, right. Thanks Mak Z for the Pizza! Kids loved it.

Ok, tara..

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