Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Johan!

Johan is five today! (above is his favourite pose)

When asked how he feels on turning five, he said "I will miss drinking milo in the bottle". He has promised that he will quit the habit once he turns five.

Wow. how fast time flies...five already..

Johan. At 5. Knows how to negotiate. Knows how to buy time. Now telling me that he has done a lot of painting on the laptop and "need some rest". Likes sport cars, cars in general, likes to read, is on Iqra' 1 but have a problem as cannot pronounce certain letters like k and j. He would complain to me that Daya called him a name and she is not "apolodaising" to him like mummy asked her to. Lately, have started to throw tantrums if not getting his way. What is this??!! He's been so docile so far ! Also, assuring me that when he and Ibraheem fights, they are just playing. I have just taught him how to say "I'm sorry I didn't mean to push you that hard" ..as playing and fighting seems one and the same to me!

Girls are asking us what we are getting him. I think, a mini car. He had one from this shop which unfortunately had its wheels broken (from long use) and which, after a long time hobbling on, we finally threw out last 2 weeks. With a promise that we'll buy a new one. Problem, that shop has closed down. Also - He wants Cosmowor*ld/Ultra*man cake. Where can I print out an Ultra*man face? to stick on a cake??(coz no way can I get a special cake on a day's notice)

Happy Birthday our Little Man.


Seeking Solace said...

Ooo! Happy birthday Johan!
Yeah Ultraman cake would be ultra cool!

I was just at a kid's birthday party last weekend... little princes and princesses running around, cinderella cake complete with the little pumpkin carriage on top, magician... best! I had to borrow my little cousin so at least I had a kid with me hehe!

Umm, r u having a party??? :D

Fulltime Mom said...

Happy Birthday Johan Sulaiman. Remember to get your gift from Pink Princess and Long Sleeved Boy, okay.

Aunty FTM

Johan (typed by Mom) said...

HI Auntie SS!Thank you for the wish! Im not five yet until I have a party.
Mommy said cannot go to Cosmoworld until Saturday as she is working. She also said that Cosmoworld is shut today but I dont believe her.

Johan (aka Mom) said...

Hi Auntie FTM! You have to come to Cosmoworld and play with me.

MRS.HUSIN said...

mojojojo is 5 today???!!!
happy birthday johan!

wahhh... johan is a big boy now..
when u grow up you will be so handsome and make mummy & daddy proud!

auntieizan & unclehusin love u jojo!

Fulltime Mom said...

Sorry Johan, Che2 Pink Princess has school this Saturday . (Have a good time anyway and remember to ask for your gift when we see you)

Dad of Four said...

Happy Birthday JoJo fromn all of us next door!

Superwoman- that's how they play....Superdynamo, whatever that is!??

TRM said...

Happy Birthday to a Special Man - Thorn amongst the Roses...stay macho Jo amongst all that estrogen.
love aunty thush

dijah said...

happy birthday johan!!!
belajar rajin2 tau!!
I think its too early for me to tell him to study rajin2..

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