Saturday, February 17, 2007


Never ever ever judge a person based on looks etc. Full stop. Don't think that the guy driving the big merc (not pronounced merdz i heard but merk- as in smirk, i'm driving a merc) is any better than the guy driving the small kancil as that small kancil may well be the driver's fifth car ha ha ha- which in itself doesnot mean that he is a better person, just more moneyed- or has a higher credit limit!

Don't also think for example that if I answer the phone for the doctor I am automatically the reception or the nurse. I would appreciate some recognition of status please! (some of his patients got his handphone no off the staff at hospital - that is SO not on)

And, Don't make the mistake of thinking that the driver of the taxi does not speak English - he may well be a person in the "corporate world" who has fallen onto bad times - "bad times" is another fallacy as I'm not too sure driving a cab is that bad a deal you know- flexi hours, cash in hand, get to meet a lot of people etc etc.

And don't think that a person is just a person as you may accidentally find out that the person is rather famous (or, infamous). I got a shock today.. ha ha ha..

And anyway- why is it that we "respond" to titles eh? My dad once conducted an experiment where he tried to book a hotel under the title "datuk" etc.(he is not a datuk then. he is now, by virtue of his 8 grandkids and I dare say, he is a far happier datuk than some of the titled ones out there he he he) ..anyway, it was a busy busy season and rooms were hard to find at that time. The title worked I think! Malaysians,eh?

I have nothing against titled ones- some of them are truly humble and very very nice, kan Uncle Y and Uncle R? Heh heh heh's the way we Malaysians react to the carrier of these titles that tickle me. Everyone is at some stage or the other, impressed. It means something you know. Exactly what i dont know.

Doctors by the way , (well , some of them any way,) are apparently not impressed by all these titles. Datuk, tan sri, etc at the end of the day your colon looks the same mate. Tan Sri man sri ship is not going to help you when you have the big C...(I really really pray that the big C stays far far away from us....) anyways.,Hubby is not really putting "getting a datukship" on his to do list. Oh yeah there are people, even in the medical profession, who do get all excited when titled people come around. 10 docs to attend one patient. I just know that hubby has NO patience to kowtow...he'd better stay in government service then!

Me- no difference to me, I guess, as long as they don't ask me to move to one side to let them thru heavy traffic.

Oh yeah, pic of my "datuk"'s car being was fun though..!

Yes. I know. I am going back .. tomorrow. Hubby is on call.

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