Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Ideas, Pak Lah

1. Walkalator around the city (ie hop on and hop off) - totally free of course. Sigh..no need to actually do any WALKING. Although, if you do want to exercise your leg muscles (you freak you) you can hop off and walk.

2 Parachutes supplied to everyone who works in a highrise- with instructions how to use and regular courses and practice drills. Government officers can give the contract to supply these parachutes to their cronies heh heh. Maybe I can pre-book pink ones. Terrorists smerrorists.

3.(this is NOT for men)- female thingy the size of Africa. (Either you get me, or you don't.)

4. AAM service for women only (ok this is actually in the process of planning as my lovely towtruck man was telling us)

5. Babysitter/Childminders EVERWHERE please- banks, post offices, clinics, supermarkets, libraries, etc etc etc- why is this soo hard??? IK*EA can do it?

Hmmm..what else eh?

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