Thursday, February 08, 2007

My real role in life

Last nite, had dinner with friends from old place, at Sho*oks. Lovely gnocchi, and they had salmon teriyaki and some other japanese udon etc. My dessert of choice was creme brulee - my favourite dessert of all time. (Moussand*ra in KL Pla*za does a good one where the spoon actually cracks into the layer of sugar). I chose gnocchi as it made a nice change from Japanese food - 2 very good veryreasonable(next to Starhill anything looks reasonable) japanese place in my building where you can hog on a California Roll for Rm3 . and endless tea! Brill!

So my pals and I were talking about work etc ..and I was saying I love the fact that I've got a bit more time on my hands now to say, blog or , more importantly, pay attention to the kiddies. Actually I do have things that will (and does) flare up once in a while but after that is resolved, there is time to basically, go trouble other people heh heh..(by the way that should never never be uttered again ok. the minute you say out loud that you are experiencing a lull period every darn thing lands in your lap - although I don't mind at all, but it just goes to show that you should zip it when you are free heh heh heh!)

I guess if I was single, its easy for life to be this :, lunches, friends, gym etc. But I think my real role is ....the sargeant mum... Back home, I unzip the corporate taitai wannabe clothes and out comes the sargeant mum. Hubby's turn today to attend a team dinner so it was just us. I was nagging, so kids were soon asking where daddy was. heh heh heh.

It WAS nice to be able to sit with them as they do their work. Sophia wanting to know if its correct for a fill in the blank of "di Zoo Negara kami boleh melihat banyak binatang seperti [blank space] " she said "pulang"(return) , one of the choices there. The other (correct ) choice was tapir (she did not know that either.) Johan colouring in his letters as that was his "homework". Sara recalculating her maths as she had not bothered to read too closely the instructions and added when she had to do something else. Dahlia had allready done her work!(and was nagging me to put her to bed)

There was one thing I did not understand ...where did all those pencils I had bought disappeared to?? Now all they have short stubs, and look like this:

How yah?:-)

Best gak dengar budak ni borak...Sophia wanted to know whether she can invite her whole class for her birthday to Mc D. Before I could respond she said "chewah chewah"...heh heh as if she was only kidding and trying her luck..Har har har that was cute! Bapak dia pun gelak..
She did not want to go to school tomorrow as she always have "bad luck" she fell and bruised her chin. How she fell- she ran. So, don't run lah... Sara pun ashik fall here and there...she said this to me. She does not know why she keeps falling. I do. She's dreamy that's why! Dear dear school too dangerous for my kids hee hee.

Nadine said I shd go and pay the school fees soon. We DID try, Nadine. Twice, your teacher was not there. Then, mc; And we were told by the office that we HAD to pay personally to the teacher.Sigh.

On tv now is Shilpa Shetty. What do you think ah? She has met with Blair apparently. Waaaahhhh..big brother big issue big deal lah!

On newspaper- War tribunal. Why not, I say. Who cares about stuff like maintaining diplomatic relations, heck I am not the primeminister anymore. Tun has guts and gumption and probably, a lot more support than we think he does. A lot of people feel frustrated at the highhanded logic behind wars. Ban wars and make it illegal- why was this not done 50 years ago is the real question. Then, anyone using force to gain something, is automatically a war criminal . As easy as that?? How about war to save a people from perceived tyrant? Right or wrong? Do people need rescuing? Oppressive regimes?? Why so selective though...certain atrocious acts by a certain group of previously persecuted people (apparently a fantasy, according to Iran's PM) appears to be ignored and tolerated?? stressed thinking about it...Argh I need chocolate...!!

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