Nottingham Dinner

Manic expression - v late allready.
3 out of 4 were once very thin...
[ Mr and Mrs C G -oops removing them on the advise of ftm-in case they mind!]
Group photo- from 2 tables! (I'm bending in case you can't see the pink guy behind)
[guys..ive removed yr lovely later yah]
Yesterday was the Gala Night for Nottingham Uni alumni. We got dressed up and Sophia declared her daddy very handsome indeed and he looks like a butler. Har har har. Anyway we outdid the royalty and arrived 15 mins after them. Not that bad as the person who invited us, J, was as late as us. Tsk tsk this is all due to husband crashcoursing on how to tie a bow tie 10 on the day itself. Not to mention me pondering on which particular pearl necklace I was to wear- h,, pearl or pearl??

On the way, got the news that Zu's dad was in hospital with Subarachnoid hemorrhage,
ie, bleeding in the brain- he was in Tawakal (He is now in GH and we are going over shortly) .
Back to the dinner- we were seated with TRM (who came solo) as well as some other not seen for a long time faces...some couples who were couples back then were still together although they are now moms full time. They informed me that they gave up work once the kids arrived...which basically did make me feel like world's most selfish mother heh heh heh.. as it always does. Food was western for a (welcomed) change with 2 starters- mango something , mushroom something and then main course was chicken breast with mushroom - i definitely enjoyed the food!
Entertainment was dances and fashion show by the international students in the Malaysian branch of Notts U although you would think that the campus's majority students are from India and Africa.. although the dances and shows were very interesting it probably was not reflective of the entire student body. Some of the students were er..amply endowed , we noticed as they perform their energetic African dance. I'm sure the 2 sultans have seen it all (I mean Sultan Azlan and Tuanku Negeri Sembilan) b**bs wise heh heh heh...
Ok lah all in all, got to meet old friends, husband was beaming as everyone remarked that he was not THAT fat at all!
Rushed to Tawa*kal then and found the family outside - uncle has gone to bed by then and we established that the doctor was useless - reluctant to do a CT scan, even. Asked Uncle if he wants treatment or not. I don't know lah what has happenned when patient appear to know more than the docs....
Uncle is in GH now, I hope he is already admitted, and treated properly. As far as everyone there is concerned, he is my husband's uncle (shorter story)...
Ok/ tara....


Anonymous said…
More pictures Sheila !!!!!!
What happen to the email ?

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