Problem for Mummy

"Mummy, I like this boy in class but my best friend also likes him and she has known him for 2 years since Standard x and she gets angry if I even look at him and if I tell her I don't like him anymore she says I'm bluffing and she wants me to pick on someone else but she is the one with three other crushes so she does not have to like this boy. What do I do mummy?"



possible comments that i wanted to say:

1.aren't you 8???
2. go do your homework! Now!

what i actually said:

oh ok.
Anonymous said…
already at that age, eh?

Anonymous said…
Gosh i would be so embarrassed to say anything like that to my mum and i was till 21 ! heehehe Shila when r u gonna reply my email ?
Dad of Four said…
Wow...a bit early innit? Nowadays...never too young....No more parenting 101 for you!
sorry Anon- am getting to it!Boss so slow!!
TRM said…
Ask her to tell her best friend alls fair in love and war - may the best woman win. Your girl cant just step aside for goodness sake - if really a best friend the friend wont ask your girl to do this...hey the heart wants what the heart wants. But of course the correct answer would be "What nonsense,go and study - only cheap/stupid girls talk about boys" - at least that's the answer my mum would have given had I ever had the courage to say even 1/100th of what yours said to you.
yah this girl of course is telling me that I should not tell other people and will be absolutely mortified that I have blogged abot it by the way...heh heh
Oya said…
It is a difficult situation for a mother to really answer that. You really don't like to hear such a thing from a 8 years old babies mouth, on the other hand, if you react, she will not share anymore and you will not have a clue in the future. I guess I would say, there will be other intersting boys in his life but best friends will not come often. Best thing to do is give up on that boy and focus on the homework:) or piano or some other hobby maybe :) Thanks for visiting Istanbul DP. Nice to meet you :)
Heyy oya,,welcome. Lurve your lovely pics. You got something there- I think she needs something else to focus on!She's 9 by the way!!!! (Oooooppppsss)

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