Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ramblings at 3 am

I get asked a lot whether i have a lot of time now since I moved firms , since where do I find the time to blog?

Well , folks:

a. it does not take long to ramble nonsense.

b. Also, I don't have regular sleeping patterns.

c. And, I am able to do 1000000 things at once (har har don't I wish! )

But the truth is, I find it therapeutic. Never mind that you may think this is so ditzy, or my grammar is wrong (at least I know not to spell it "grammer", or wait a minute- is it spelt grammer???!! :-)) or that I am this or that (someone actually commented that no one would believe that I'm a lawyer from this blog! Ya' know who you are young lady! What izzat s'posed to mean heh..i speak good wat..)

Truth is...I do enjoy babbling and truly, my friends would, if they know of the existence , thank me for sparing them the monologue that is this blog.I know that not everyone would want to hear what my kids get up to and not everyone thinks my kids are the cutest thing since sliced bread he he he .. But I happen to think they are ! And who wants to hear what I think anyways? So here is the blog's a sponge to stop my brain shortcircuiting with all these family info and thoughts that should appear in the Independent but just stop short of meeting the quality. heh heh heh.

Ok- tonite's (last) posting is on the topic of....being a half of one. I mean, being single as opposed to being a couple lar..

I notice that a lot of my friends are still single -(see ,don't miss a trick, me.) They have everything, looks money etc, but they are not part of a "relationship".

My hero, as a point in case, is also still single (and all lonely way over there in Seoul) . And he has everything. Why he is still single though? Is he looking for perfection?

Some people think that single people ought to be pitied or "helped" to find a partner. They'd be matchmade to an inch of their lives sometimes or pushed forward by anxious family members, usually who are already in a "relationship", at weddings and functions, to meet other people.

I gather this is a very irritating thing for singles. They do not like it. If they are single, they do NOT want constant reminders that their lives are not thought of as "complete" by some sections of the society. Hey, they are happy what.

So, I suggest that single people be allowed to feel proud and happy in their status, and left alone, by those in a relationship. With the state of the world these days, who knows if the pitying look given by a coupled person, or which you as a coupled person give unknowingly, could fall onto you one of these days- nauzubillah or god forbid, as they say.

(But who can resist the lure of matchmaking ??? the romance, the mystery, the "will they like each other or will they puke? Will he be a gent and open doors and pick tabs up or will he be a boor? Will she be dull or will she be funny?" etc etc etc)

BUT! I also don't agree with singles thinking that they are better than the coupled. What is this - I do not need a man to validate my existence. Yah lah who says you do then? Don't lah be defensive pulaaakkkk... Those in relationships are not any less strong than you lah ...but perhaps a little bit less grouchy. Har har har..ouch dont hit me. sorry.

So let us live happy and in harmony , apples do not need to despise oranges, oranges do not need to envy or pity apples. It would be rather pointless for apples to wish they were oranges or the other way around. Eh what? hungry pulak.

Ok, leave the single gals and guys alone, they are happy.

What if singles are NOT happy and want lurve.

What if singles get love, but from people they absolutely have no feelings for?

What if , they are at the age where every darn auntie and uncle and relatives ask every other day when they will eat "nasi minyak" (ie get married la) and then they meet someone who loves them but not vice versa?

Should they settle or should they wait for Mr Right?

Mr Right or Mr Right Now? Mr Right or Mr He -Knows -I'm- Right? har har har (grab that one)

Chemistry, or loyalty?

Jun Sang or Sang Yuk???

Sigh..age old question.. (not to Jun Sang vs Sang Yuk question that is a no brainer- run away with him, girl!)

Ok I got no answer ...depends what you want I guess..

see , this blog has no point. No pictures and no ending.. I better go and pack now.Byeee


Anonymous said...

kaklong : mama & opah always leter kenapa I tak kawin lagi. At the moment I'm still enjoying my single life, but at the same time always craving to have my own baby. Boyfriend says : WAIT! how la? (p/s : kenapa tak leh pakai sign-in blogger ni? hence I pakai anonymous)

DocYana said...

I've tagged you! Come by my blog to see what's it's all about and keep the ball rolling....

p/s: tak habis2 BYJ :) but isn't he droolsome??!!

The Superwomanwannabe said...

hey aida..
sabarje lah..kalau dah kawin they'd be asking when nak dapat baby pulak...never ending. Find out about adopting if you are serious about having own baby. what do you think

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