Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Car broke down last nite. Husband arrived at office and announced that car won't start. Decided what the heck lets go and eat and went to Starhill. Had a little spying job on er..something. Went home courtesy of towtruck at midnite. Today went to work by cab. At half past 9. In the morning. Really.

Did you read the Star today? Government wants our ideas , people? Gosh ! First, how about we emulate the Singaporeans and developed upwards or downwards and not junglewards? I was at Ampang Jaya recently and I saw banners saying "No Landslide" what's that all about lah? Husband thinks that its about the proposal of building an access road thru the jungle to address the jam problems within Ampang and Ulu Klang area.

Tsk..I dont know lah. Don't think that's a smart idea somehow. Developers see roads as the reason to build more houses, and more roads equal more houses equal more jam and why oh why are we spittin in our ricebowl by disturbing our water catchment area. Husband also said that there is an email going around saying the USA is responsible for all the weather probs lately due to some uranium remnants?Come on Malaysians should not be so modest...we did all right in ruining the environment all by ourselves what ..no need the Americans what. Cheh. these Americans, eh? We over develop, dont recycle, cut forests, and they STILL want to take credit for our depreciating weather. What can you do?

Anyways. you should not get me going, Pak Lah.

Gotto go!

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