Thursday, February 08, 2007

the RM26 soup. actually, the most appropriate title for this blog. Or it could be "the lunch that husband will NEVER know about.." (free plug anyway for the place)

A friend took me to this spot for lunch. ok ok its Fisher*man's Co*ve. It looked like the old Long John Silver (remember that place?) ie with items of er- fishing and sailor-y nature. (hey Ernest Hemingway I ain't). So we sat and instantly this lady appeared next to us with 2 huge menus. Leatherbound? Could be.Might as well be, actually! Trouble? Definitely.

I did not smell trouble then but I SHOULD, when my friend only ordered soup. It was indeed, RM26. I flipped through the menu for something having er a bit less wedding-anniversary-like prices. Basically I had to send the waitress away as I really reviewed the menu and could not do it in peace with her hovering about. Almost wanted to ask her if they had anything cheaper..heh heh heh. Menu was to drool over for a seafood lover like me. It had words like "season prices" and the most reasonable I could see was really, the soup. At RM26, it is indeed the cheapest thing on the menu. The lunch express menu was RM66... nope don't think so mate! Come on the maitre'd doesn't fool me, I'm sure he has HIS lunch at the mamak shop. Who is he kidding heh heh heh....

In the end we ordered 2 soup (eventually) and 2 water and one coffee for my friend (for me later, the coffee from the "office cove" hahahahaha- Starhill's coffee prices can buy me about a month's worth of Nesca*fe)

So anyway..

there we were, chatting over our snack of a lunch. Then we saw the time and quickly asked for the bill...which was.....wait for it:


Can you believe it???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!

For 2 water -RM14 each. one coffee RM12. (eh? coffee cheaper??) and mushroom soup- RM52 (each)..and tax and gedebak gedebuk - wallah- RM110.

We paid after checking that we did not accidentally swallow the diamonds they must have put in the water (normal, mineral, non sparkly water) -hee hee hee.

* Note: this has been reviewed as a very good restaurant. Looking at the pictures, I think it is. I would have loved to come here for say a birthday, or an anniversary or, any other special occassion where you'd have come prepared to dish out serious money and long hours over delish food and good company.

But for now , I just can't get over the fact that we spent RM110 on some soup and water...har har har!

Although what I had for lunch is usually one of the topics I would entertain hubby with in the car that day I kept verrrryyyyy quiet about it......(he's only going to tell me that he had a whole plateful of rice, and a mountain of dishes for less than RM3 anyway - spoil sport)..

My RM26 soup...

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