Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday allready...

Ho hum. Another Saturday. Another day Dad is in the hospital. On call . Again. And me on the PC. Just now had laksa johor at neighbour's place- thanks!!

Kids are playing monopoly. Neighbour's boys are here to play with Johan. Sophia and Dahlia fighting about who gets to sit on the chair. ?? I think Sophia is tired...she's crying over small things.Funny I don't remember Monopoly games as this noisy. Why are my girls shouting? Oh .they're not. That's the normal volume. By the way - We discovered this website where kids can learn spanish or french or dutch words - and its interactive! You'd need flash but its fun!

Just got off the phone with sis in law about what we are going to do with our lives. Reminded me of our teenager years as we would hang on the phone for absolutely ages. As usual our entreprenual dreams come up again. My sis in law is keen to produce organic bodycare products and I'm sure there is ample market out there . Apparently most shops import organic stuff from either Australia or UK or the States. It'll be great if she can get her organic shop one day.

As for me, her idea of setting up another cottagepatch shop model sounds ideal. Funny, I was JUST fiddling through my old UK bought cross stitch book- its been awhile since I did any craft work. And we both love cotton fabric esp floral ones! And I was JUST talking about it with next door neighbour who also smocks. Did I tell you about the yards of material just waiting to be sewn ?

Won't say anything much about this until something solid gets done. Too much talking allready, kan kan kan???.

In the meantime, the boys are really enjoying selves up there. Oops , the maid is here to fetch them. I'm asking them to come back after they have their lunch (Dadof Four I did offer lunch but they didn't want)

Nadine had just started to read other people's blog and after reading one post, she's telling me that I should not eat K*F*C as they treat chickens really badly. Well, we all have been behind that lorry carrying cases of live chickens or ducks and I've always wondered how they can justify that kind of treatment. They are all so crammed in one case. I'm sure its very cruel!But how to stop eating chicken???

Duduk rumah on a Saturday ok gak....boring sikit lah. I made them a list of jobs they have to cross - do homework, have breakfast., etc. I think Sara was the first to cross off her list. Johan is still in his jammies!!!!

Hubby was watching Antiques Roadshow last nite. I love that show. It appears to be about antiques but it's about human characters really. People come over with their heirloom/gifts/stuff they bought at a carboot sale and they get it looked at by an expert. They'd tell the expert the history of how the stuff got into their hands, and then the expert would tell them about the actual piece and its background. The experts' knowledge in their respective fields are usually amazing. The owners of the goods would sit patiently through the explanation but they don't fool us the viewers..We know that they don't really care that its Edwardian etc etc. they just wanna know how much it is worth! Hee hee. And so do we! Yardiyadiya-late 19th century- yardiyardiya- made by so and so..yardiyardiya ...fine craftmanship....who CARES??how much is it?? Hee hee hee.

It also was interesting as it brought husband back 21 years was held at his old school in Rutland. Wah, very the lucky one to get to go to orangputih's school - 2 from Malaysia then, 2 very small malay boys who later proved these matsallehs that they are as smart if not smarter than them hee hee...then he said something which I consider the best compliment he ever paid me. Which I am going to share here despite a very good chance of making any readers out there lose their lunch- he said he had been dealt with a very good hand of cards- school. family and me..*grin widely*
Ok ok ok...better sign off. Tata........................................


Nivi said...

Hi shila

I think you have forgotten us(you, wei ling and moi)going with our antiques to this shop in chelmsford after polishing it for 2 hrs and the response we got was I would just give it to a friend for free HA HA


shila said...

Hi Nivi!! Ha ha ha how can I forget the AMAZING polish and how I made my LOOONG Suffering friends polish it with me he he he!!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...