Friday, February 23, 2007

Various Pix of Chinese New Year Weekend

Meal time with the inlaws- Mazran, Nor ,Mom, Anne , Zu and Epa

Me and gorgeous Fayha..

Uncle Faiz's house in Johor Bharu
Mr Fahim ....are you talking to me? Are you talking to ME? Heh heh heh. He's really cute and loved it when we bounced him up and down- which is a real work out on the arms let me tell you. Can you believe it?? SP Setia has parks like this in the middle of housing developments! Why can't all property developers think the same way? WE so need parks, hello..But of course over here the parks are full of er..foreigners. Nenek's birthday food... Epa and Mazran barbecuing on Mom in Law's birthday om 19.2.2007.
Happy Birthday Nenek...
Penatnye tunggu masak barbecue laaaaa!!

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