Thursday, February 15, 2007

Went to celebrate Valentine's Day with family yesterday. Armed with nan bread, jambu epal (new hybrid of guava that looks like apples), mangoes etc we all crashed at parents' home.

Spent the nite as it was too late to go home. Air condition does not agree with me so today have the sniffles. Kids love to go there as grandma pampers them. Mom telling me to not neglect my husband . Do I? Have to increase pampering levels then.

Discovered that there are more shops in Starhill than I originally thought! I've never been to the other floors! Saw TOU*S, a friend's favourite shop, and all sort of other brands. I am not so "into" all these brands but must say that some of them are nice (I like the brown almost triangle tous bag) .

Today had lunch with my nephew- the married one with kids. Felt a lot guilty as if doing something wrong (worried that his wife would mind) and it turned out that he was worried that my dearest husband might mind too- neither spouses should worry as we spent lunch talking about them, the kids, the family etc etc etc. Nephew and I used to be v good friends (friends being the operative word) a long long time ago. Of course my roomie at office thinks that I should stop all contact with this guy as something may happen. A mother of five? I dont think so. Hee hee hee

And husband today is examining. I still cannot post pictures up lar so I wont even try. By the way hubby was telling me about how he and other doctors were meeting to discuss the exam questions that they were going to set for their students. It was very funny as all these doctors are so darn opinionated and pedantic and want their own ways. I bet the meeting finished late, I said, How did YOU know he said hee hee hee.

Sophia's birthday do- she insists on MC D. I can't invite a lot of people if at Mc D. Also she wants a costume party. Now scratching head on how to do both. And invite a lot of people. Buat kat rumah kan senang.....

ok byeeee

Yes it is working hours.

BTW what is it about bigshots who insist on driving through mega heavy traffic and getting these police outriders to bully everyone else to the side?? Eh mate, you choose to come out during this hour, you bear the traffic like everyone else! This morning one outrider smacked our side mirrors to push us to the side. Hubby said "this is one of the times that I think we should be a republic." har har . Also " I hope his hand really hurts"

Oh sorry, a friend's friend is in one of these cars, I heard. Sorry. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

t*ous (ikut ur style) bags, i like!!!

and yes, stop meeting this guy. no good...... however innocent though it may be.


Dad of Four said...

Going anywhere this long break? We r not sure yet.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...