Thursday, March 01, 2007


Hope Zu doesn't mind, but I'm going to post a little bit more update over here. Uncle telah selamat disemadikan di Linggi, or , as the English translation goes- safely (?) put to rest in Linggi. I did not make it, despite rushing out of the office at 4 (thinking that we can go as Uncle was leaving by 4). Boss v kind to let me rush off but you know what??? I waited at GH until 5.30. Thank goodness I was so tired (Doing what god knows) because in that time, I was waiting in the car and I slept so soundly. Had I not slept you'd betcha that I'd be buzzing the phone lines to nag Mr Doctor to come quick! So much so when Meemee called I had to blink and think which Meemee. (Btw Mee mee, congratulations to you and hubby...)- anyways by the time husband finishes what he said to me will be "kejaaap je" - wallah everything was over.

Went to see Zu and Family at 9ish tonite. Everyone looks tired- her sister has a raging fever. It was nice to hear that Uncle's face was radiant, peaceful and even looked like he had a smile on his face as he was returned to where his mother is buried. I think he was a good man, hence I pray that he should have a good afterlife. (easier to think that he's travelled somewhere else, sometimes?)

Sad that Cama*rina cried when I hugged her. So silently as well! These kids are just so close to their atuk. It's that part that is heartbreaking. Apparently the eldest boy cucu, organised a group prayer with his girl cousins (he led) and reading the yassin, when they were left at home when the atuk was ill. Today, my daughters too , over here.

Came home to let them rest. I don't know what to say and how they are going to get through the coming days. It was so sudden (although they said Uncle did say that if he has to go, he wants it to be fast) and I guess time is what will help. I hope they know that we will always be there for them, even if it is just to listen.

Uncle, you have been so loved by all. My husband feels he has lost a friend he can talk to. Always when we come over we'll see Uncle in the front of the house reading his papers. He is so well read. For my sister in law, definitely Zu has lost her mentor, her guide, and her sponsor( heh heh)

Tomorrow at his home there will be a tahlil for him (prayers)- after Isyak.

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