Arabic Class

Am at home today as some ant bit me in the eye and now I looked like the loser in a boxing match. Actually thought it was ok (no I didn't but in laws were telling me it was only a little thing so I felt a bit of a baby if I did not go to the office) However when I did appear, I was so repulsive that people were practically pushing me out of the door. Now psychologically I feel its worse than before (maybe it is?) and it's itchy too ! Euuuuu...Sara got bitten too in a delicate area. Husband actually took a picture but its just too damn ugly to put up...i got pride too maah.

I think this is because last nite when we went to the Arabic Class, they moved the class from "level 1" to "LY". Now tell me how the heck was I going to know what "LY" was. Officemate and I scoured the building, peering into all the classes for familiar faces and in the end we accosted one very young science physics undergrad (girl of course, this IS UIA so we dont talk to the guys heeh heee) who very amusedly told these two aunties that the LY refers to another building across the road. thank you very much.

When we finally found the room , (which in itself was a feat because none was marked) I glared at the ustaz and I think it was HIM who put this curse so that one big ant will bite me heh heh heh. Still don't know what LY stands for.

Arabic class is going ok. It was all very sudden. Officemate asked whether I was interested and as there is very little stuff I am NOT interested in, I said yes, and she gave me 2 options, one of which was the better option and starting that very nite. Husband was very very encouraging and keen for me to start doing rather than talking about doing, so that was cleared. Only thing is I was leaving my poor father in law in the house lah! Then off we went and at the entrance the pakguard said to me "eh ? Tak pakai tudung? (not wearing headscarf?) " to which my officemate replied "kena ke? "(Do you have to?) and he said "well.." as in, welll, yes if you are any kind of a muslim woman and does not want to burn in hell forever, yes. We went in and ohmygod - straight away I said to officemate that I want to go home, unless we go buy a tudung. Miraculously found one in reject shop at Section 14 (a plain black one underneath all those colourful going to the beach type of scarves!) and we were set. Found ourselves very late (sorry, officemate) and straightaway plunged into phrases like where do you work (aina takmaalu?) and where do you live (aina taskunu?) and do you understand (hal anta tafhamu?) ..

Anyways its only the second class, so if you want to read about it or join, you can read


Dad of Four said…
At least it's ant's bite not tick's! LOL OR should I symphatise here? Anyway, get well soon
Anonymous said…
Get well soon. Hope your eye is better by pretty girl's birthday party.

TRM said…
You should have got the most colourful scarf you could find - stay true to yourself woman - you ARE colour not black. Good luck with the classes..good for you.
hey tfm- yah i know kan?? but am not such a rule bender these days lar...

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