Atok Passed Away/Skating/Opah's emergency Xray

1. My atokngah left us this morning at 3 am . We were told in the afternoon. Alfatihah....

2. Took kids ice skating at Sun*way. Hubby dropped us at the hotel- GAWDALMIGHTY is that hotel tacky or WOT?? But you know, if you stare at the statues of the tigers chasing the deers at the front of the hotel, they can actually be interesting....Kids had a gala time going round and round the same icy spots. Daddy took Jojo by the hand and they circled the rink a couple of times - with johan hanging on for dear life. Sophia found a friend from school and conned me into buying both of them drinks from the expensive stall inside the rink, Sara was doing rather well and is solo. Dahlia was also Solo. I was outside watching from the top floor at first, but then when I saw that jojo was left alone to wait while his parent had his own solo skate, I ran downstairs and replaced him as the babysitter..kasi chan lah....(once the kids saw that I was inside they immediately rushed back in and demanded drinks food etc etc) . We had to leave as Sara had a birthday party.

3. Arrived home, did some MORE work. Would have finished I think if not for all the distractions like time away with my Kids. harrumph. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I wish it would go away. Work, not kids! Anyway tomorrow another day to not finish my work ha ha ha

4. Around evening mom asked whether we were free as Opah not well. Complained of pain under chest since 4 days ago- what the? Of course we rushed (in our way which meant an hour passed by) to see Opah. Hubby suspected that she had fractured her ribs and whisked her away to the GH for xrays...well. whisked after my aunties have discussed who was going with her, and auntie yot called and informed, and mom came over, with dad, and mom getting opah's IC etc etc- whisked lah. My hubby (who runs the hospital, you see) managed to get things done and we are just back now.

Opah is ok....need rest and fracture can be seen .



Dad of Four said…
The last time I brought my kids skating, Yusof purposely slipped and tripped and made himself all wet...(U know how Yusof is. Proper skating is not fun but getting wet in the process is!) In the end, had to buy him new set of clothes!

Hope Opah will get better soon!
dijah said…
wow!ice skating!thats cool!
TRM said…
Cant stand the hotel myself. We stayed there courtesy of hubby's company and the insides are cheesier than the outside.
TRM - really you mean the rooms ?

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