Saturday, March 24, 2007


(Pic is of the 2004 Family Day at Pulau Sibu- this is with quite a few people missing still- we had a whole leg of COW and also obstacle race and everyone went through the Flying Fox yes even me- and we had a smashing time!)

We as the Sudin Family, are planning to have a birthday family gettogether barbecue this 31.3.2007. Hj Sudin was my grandfather on my dad's side. He had 10 kids - 3 died at a young age, which explained why the eldest is called "PakLang" and not PakLong(eldest). My father is the fourth son in this family. There are 6 sons and one daughter- who, under the Adat Pepatih rule - will stand to get the heirlooms all to herself muahaahaaa(evil laughter) . My late grandparents have left land, and their village house etc - so not a bad deal for my only auntie. The house in the kampung has been renovated and now has a pool. Despite that we the cousins do not go home enough (no one is there anyway) . I'm arranging this barbecue for this coming 31-3(Prophet Mohammad's (Peace be Upon Him) birthday as well. I really wanted it to be a family effort ie my cousins all take part. But I did not want to scare my cousins into thinking they HAVE to bring something or take part in SOME thing, before they come, so I told them that the barbecue is really for celebrating Hubby's 40th birthday (early , as his birthday is in May actually) let me sort out the barbecue. I had told this to the people I invited which included this auntie F .....

BUT , after that, my sporting cousins (the ones which are sporting and in the spirit of things) - all got together, we had a meeting, and everyone is bringing something for lunch, and then bringing the other stuff for the barbecue sans the meat. (which is still my contribution) . So now the agenda is:

Friday : everyone arrives

Saturday: breakfast -(roticanai etc)

Lunch (pot luck for everyone- I have asked sis in law ie brother's wife to help me bring a dish)

...................................After lunch- games (I'm thinking of borrowing Johan's tadika's school games like hoolahoops , etc etc- maybe gunni race etc)

Dinner- BARBECUE (and whatelse?karaoke? Anyone got a karaoke set??)

Sunday: Free and easy.

Now the abovementioned auntie F is telling another auntie that she understands from me that it is NOT a family day, but entirely a celebration for my husband's birthday. ???? So what lahkan? Just an excuse to get together maaaaa....

Anyway we will ignore all of that, and concentrate on having FUN...

Now have to :

1. Buy meat

2. Get gunny and sort out games (and presents?)

3. Scout for karaoke sets which I can afford

Why do I bother organising this sort of thing, you ask me? Cause its fun (yeah right)

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Dad of Four said...

Happy organizing..As it turned out to be, there's a slight hitch on our booking. They double booked the restaurant..I'll post on this l8er! Apparently an UMNO group has booked the place too way before us!

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