Saturday, March 10, 2007

Books are Fun-/hospitals aint!

Went to return the library books just now. We sometimes go to the B*ritish Cou*ncil Library - the kids would usually run to the computers and lose themselves in the world of CBBC or tween*ies or some other online game. Strange, when they are at home they don't normally go to those sites..preferring their "Ne*opets" or , when they think I'm watching them, "Discover*yKids" - ha ha ha. Never mind lar...

Except for Nadine, who now loves to read and was searching through the (totally jumbled up) books (it is the weekend and there are students /members of the public so that could be the reason why books were not in their places and on the floor and everywhere)
I normally go to check what I've missed in the tabloids (er, real intellectual of me , I know) but today I re-discovered the fun in books, under the guise of choosing for the kids. The feel, the texture, the print, the many possibilities lying within. Even the kids' books were fun! They were colourful, in various fonts, and had exclamation marks every where. I read one Dr Seuss to the kids and I think god-darn nit, I'm a good story teller !

( In the house earlier, I got really immersed in the story of this one boy who wanted to set up a circus behind this small tuck shop - I was telling Daya and Jojo the story and made voices etc and when I looked up my kids were half interested in the story, and half looking at the telly for the latest antics of Spongeboobby. Sigh..guess I'm not such a storyteller after all heh heh heh. )

I called each of them to come and have a look at what I have chosen for them. Sara loves scary, horror books. Sophia loves fairy books. Dahlia wants something big font and catchy. ( I got Dahlia the Ten tall tales by Dr Seuss and she protested as it was too thick for her- I said it's 10 stories lah daya..don't panic lar). All of them judged the books by their cover. I kept saying to them- DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER and felt like a broken record as only the brightest most colourful book would catch their attention (opposite for Sara). Well, I've chosen several, let them read at home. (Sara is getting a science experiment book instead- cannot encourage this interest in horror and mystery - she can't sleep after a read usually!)

Daya and Sara are slowly becoming readers too. Sophia says reading gives her a headache (she was reading in the car) while Johan ..Johan wants to look at the GQ magazine!! Hubby caught him flipping through GQ and when asked why he picked that book , he said I like to look at the pictures!!! YIKES!! (to be fair, it was next to a motoring book, so maybe he picked it up by mistake..He's FIVE) Yes husband is strutting.. proud of his boy..

In the car I did try to repeat the Arabic phrases I was Kaifa Haluka etc etc was going ok, they repeated the phrases back at me, until I asked them "A Haaza qalamun? " (is this a pen?) - and Sara replied "and A Haza qalamun to you too"...!

After that, lessons were effectively over. As they were too giggly to listen to anything.

Oh yeah, we did drop by the GH first, to visit my ailing Atok Ngah...I tell you....the nurses really take their time to tend to this man, I mean, this man is having difficulty breathing as he has a lot of phlegm in, and the family have requested that the nurses suction it off and nothing has been done. To be fair they looked busy -doing their JOB. I looked at husband (I have an irritating habit of presuming that my husband runs the hospital and can correct whatever is wrong by a look and able to jump over buildings in a single bound- I get very irritated when he says he can't do anything. I'm sure this is very unfair and he gets mighty irritated at me too. I wonder how it is if he actually runs the hospital eh? Heh heh heh)

Well anyways, the husband did ask the nurse to do it but STILL no action. We left after about 2o mins. It's not easy to see my atok sick..hope he feels better soon. I wish for good health forever..or if I have to go, I want to go easily and peacefully......! Kesian Tok Ngah..

On Nadine's trip...hubby wants her to go. I know, I know, Im overprotective...we are now thinking of following her separately. How ah? Hubby said must make sure the bus driver goes at 90 km per hour. Huh- where got such drivers???

Ok now supposedly at home while the others go to the park for me to finish some saying goodbye to my officemate and co-drafter ....sob sob sob..I will miss her company, she's a RIOT. We can go on and on and on and on on our silly routines.

And heard another one is also tendering..All the good ones are going. .The scratchyguy - tak pulak!



Hariz & Nurin said...

Kak Long, if you have been visting my kids blog, sorry la lama tak update. Was a bit busy. Anyway, we have moved. To a new blog la. Our new address, Hariz & Nurin. Please dro by and say hello.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your Atok Ngah. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya. Al-Fatihah.


Superwomanwannabe said...

thank you..

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