Thursday, March 29, 2007


sO RomANticccccc......
Something about going to the airport lah, that will trigger the lala- quality (ie tendency to berangan or dream) in me- yesterday sent parents to KLIA - their flight was to Dublin via Paris - to see my brother no 3- by the way bro, just to let you know , even WE in KL don't get to see them on a daily basis like you you are lucky! Just to remind you that mom is not your chef ok....
Anyways, arrived MEGA early, thanks to mom's prudent outlook. Noooo arriving within a hair's breath of the plane flying off like her daughter (truly I don't know WHO I take after). We arrived FOUR HOURS early, okay!
What to do - my brother no 2, his wife and 3 kids , my family (of 7) and my parents all went to KFC- which by the way stands for KROOKS FOOD COMPANY.
A snack plate costing RM6.90 in normal world is RM15.90 !!!!!!Hallo!!! That is daylight ROBBERY man, because harrassed parents with kids will always head towards thisplace as it has the big playground and its a CRIME to charge that much for 2 pieces- if you have to pay higher rent, I am sure it is offset by the increased volume of customers due to you being NEXT to the PLAYGROUND!! gerammmmmm.
I am going to write a letter lah (FTM what you think)
After seing parents off, went back in 2 separate cars- Hubby took the Volvo back and I followed with all the kids in our Serena,my god, hubby was SO sleeepy he was swerving left and right and in the end I flashed so many times for him to please turn in. Of course, this would be the time my handphone battery would die, so I could not call him. In the end we did stop at a petrol kiosk. We both parked in front of 7 Eleven and he came in with us and promptly fell asleep. The kids continued watching HAPPY FEET in the car- which I really liked ! I found it to be unusual but effective.
We did try to wake daddy after the movie ended but he got up, went to the toilet , came back into the car and mumbled - "there's no INK". Haa haa...and when I asked him what he meant he said "There's no paper". He was dreaming.
We LOVE doing that to him, hee hee. Its a source of constant amusement to ask daddy questions when he is half asleep. Conditioned to always respond when called even from deep sleep, he will always answer you, but the answers are hilarious! He'll tell us to give so and so dosage of whatsit, or instruct us to do this and that, all in the supreme confidence that he is right. Hee hee..tak baik
Anyway as yesterdat I was chastised by office mate that I am spoiled by hubby, here I want to say I know you are really great and I do not take you for granted and I do appreciate you coming and getting me , packing my laptop bag for me, bringing in the potted plant the kettle the milo, the coffee and the tray for me and also joining me in Arab Classes. And I am sorry as I am such a:
BOSSY wife
and I will try to stop being perplexed at hubby having own agenda and doing his things hee hee and will try to understand the concept that we are not joined at the hip maaaa.
And also will try to stop harping on :
the lack of flowers or romance
that he is STILL smoking
that he has not done this or that or the other
that he does not call me ever on his handphone just to chat the person you are with for the person he is ,rather than the person you want him to be.


Dad of Four said...

Like this post! How's the potluck bday thingy coming along?

Anonymous said...

First of all, snack plate does not cost RM6.90 in the normal world ok! And I think not only in Malaysia is food more expensive at the airports. This is their chance to make money of the ultra loaded people who jet set off to Mumbai in a flash.... :) No pointlah write letter.... don't think anything will come out of it. Moral of the story, lain kali ta pau KFC fm near your house and bring to eat in the playground area. LOL.

And I can't believe Prof Mr J actually so good to bring u milo, kettle and potted plant ok. SPOILT BRAT!


Superwomanwannabe said...


jangan jeles.....

kfc- YES YES YES YES!!!Tapau next time!!!

Superwomanwannabe said...

dad of four

gawd - 2morow only shopping. hows your thingy????

Dad of Four said...

Ok but very tiring...with late nights packing gifts and prizes for games and lucky draws....

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...