Friday, March 16, 2007

Customers are always wrong,in Malaysia

Today is the day where I Make - A - Scene.

First, one travel agent mucked up and we ended up losing RM200 - hardly an amount to be sneezed at,and secondly, a material shop - both leaving me as a consumer feeling helpless and frustrated .

The travel agent- we had booked awhile back , sis in law and I to take our families to Genting. The person in charge, masquerading as someone who gives a toss about his job, informed us we have to pay VERY SOON (although the holiday was a month away then) - when we paid it transpired that he thought we were going THAT month, rather than the next month. The fact that the next month was a SCHOOL HOLIDAY escapes his attention. If we wanted to go in school vacation- we had to pay additional amount.

Before we could however, sis in law lost her beloved dad and we thought it appropriate to cancel. A week to go and I called said travel agent and informed them that I wanted to postpone. They needed to check and will call me back. I waited. Come Monday, 4 days to go, I called and spoke to the first Man who said he will be checking and will get back to me. Come THURSDAY I got a bit worried and called - hello the holiday was supposed to be that very day. When I called him and said hey, what's happening?

Moron: Well, there is no refund and no cancellation.
Me: Were'nt you supposed to call me?
Moron: yeah, he said
Moron: silence
Me: I want to speak to your BOSS.

His boss agreed to return 50 % of the full (expensive rate) fees- since I had not paid in full, I had to first pay, and then get the refund.

What bugged me the most, is that this Moron, did not call me back when he said he would, and if he said we were going to lose our money at the very least I could let other people go- he also was upset at ME! He was unrepentant, with not a single apology for this mix up nor for the fact that he had charged us based on February and not March - not remorseful at all. Takda PR orang kata. Buat apa lah jadi travel agent...?? Im too lazy to moan about that stupid sales girl in Nagoya who told me that I cannot have half a metre of the pink sheer fabric costing RM7 per metre while neglecting to tell me that there are other cheaper alternative per metre right at the other end of the shop. Maybe she can't read minds and does not know her products...I only wanted about 2 feet.

Ok...clown/pirate/zorro/gypsygirl/redriding hood/etc etc ready for tomorrow.

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