Thursday, March 08, 2007

Finally, picking up a language

Finally, thanks to an office mate, I am starting a new language

Kaifa Haluka ya Uhti?

See first lah. Kids have given their endorsement for mums to be away 2 hours twice a week, for 25 weeks. No one sleeps until I get back, therefore getting their mummy fix.

in the meantime, anyone wants to join me?

or...anyone wants to know how to ask whether that is a camel in Arabic??


Dad of Four said...

I know camel is Jamal OR is it not? Where are the classes held?

Anonymous said...

Kaifa haluka menas how are you, is it not?


MRS.HUSIN said...

al-hamdulilah, ana bi-khair
... wa ante?

kak long, i used to take 3 semester of arabic masa in uni dulu. wish i could take it up again. where are the classes? how much?

The Superwomanwannabe said...

hi Mrs Husin

hi DadofFour

Classes are in UIA PJ- 8 to 10 pm..Monday and Wednesdays..Rm400 for 50 hours (25 lessons)- ada exam at the end of it. will post up the link 'k?

The Superwomanwannabe said...

FTM - not baaadddd!!

Dad of Four said...

It's cheap compared to Kd's french classes.The only thins it's in PJ....Not avlble at Gombak campus? N'er mind...I'll check the link!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, used to date an UIA student off and on i remembered that, and also alhamdulillah, ana bi khair (as posted by dr J's cousin).

Sounds interesting this class, cuma I'm still crawling with the mengaji part. I doubt I'll be able to tackle Arab.


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