no real mood to blog in the past few days.
However, last Sunday we went to the Costume place in Citi Square. Looking for the stuff to put on for Princess Genevieve's birthday do at Mc Donald nanti...Aunties and Uncles do pop ok....although chiefly kanak kanak je yang nak datang,
then it was Johan's sports day. He started all fine...then he got a bit sad...
and he got sadder..later on he cried and he wanted to go home...
until he got a trophy..
all in all a good day for the kids...Met Sara's school counsellor there of all places...mentioned to her the minor problems...at least she can keep an eye on the kids..

She was moaning how the school was almost bursting at the seams..and she is right.


Dad of Four said…
Finally u r back! : )

Yeayy Johan!
kak long, why was jojo sad?
kaklong said…
he got nervous!! After a while, he was ok..tapi lama gak lah!

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